Srixon Z-Star balls review

Golf Monthly Verdict

The previous version of the Srixon Z-Star was one of the softest-feeling premium balls on the market, so to enhance that feature further without affecting long game performance is a big step forward.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    To offer an even softer feel around the green without sacrificing long game performance is something all golfers will enjoy

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Fast swingers may experience excessive long game spin and need to switch to the XV version, offering a slightly firmer feel

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The Golf Monthly test team's Srixon Z-Star ball review, which features an updated cover and Spin Skin coating to offer an even softer feel and more spin around the green

Srixon Z-Star balls review

Key technology The latest Z-Star balls feature a new ‘energetic gradient growth’ core with varying levels of softness. The core’s centre is softer than the outer region, which creates even greater spin separation between long-game and short-game shots. The new ball is also softer overall, thanks to an updated ‘Spin Skin’ coating, which is 21 per cent softer than it was previously, as well as a 7 per cent softer urethane cover. A new 324 ‘Speed Dimple’ pattern features a more uniform surface coverage for a stronger trajectory.

Will suit Medium-to-fast swinging golfers after a combination of long game performance with an extremely soft feel around the green.

GM verdict Where you notice the differences between old and new models is predominantly around the green. With the new Srixon Z-Star, you get noticeably more grip on the second bounce, which allows you to be more aggressive on finesse shots and carry the ball further. It also offers reassurance from poor lies that you’ll still get an element of control. The feel remains incredibly soft while maintaining ample long game performance. The ball flight was generally stable on well-struck shots, even in slight crosswinds.