2017 Srixon AD333 Ball Review - We test Srixon's new two-piece ball offering out on the golf course at West Hill Golf Club

Product Overview

Overall rating:

2017 Srixon AD333 Ball Review


  • Impressive long game performance without feeling hard like distance balls can.


  • Offers only limited short game control.


2017 Srixon AD333 Ball


Price as reviewed:

£22.00 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

2017 Srixon AD333 Ball Review

Aimed At
This ball is aimed at those who want affordable distance without losing out too much on a soft feel or control.


Key technology
The UK’s best-selling two-piece golf ball for the past 11 years now features a lower-compression core, a new third-generation Spin Skin coating and a more efficient 338 Aerodynamic Speed Dimple Pattern. These three technologies combine to deliver balanced performance, including longer and more accurate driving distance, better iron control and improved greenside spin.

The aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple pattern offers more control in the wind by reducing drag
Srixon’s new Spin Skin coating is now more elastic with less bonding points, so it produces more consistent spin from any lie.


How we tested
We played a round using the new AD333 ball at West Hill Golf Club and compared it to our current ball of choice.

The AD333 delivers excellent distance without feeling overly firm. In fact, off the tee, the feel is similar to that of a premium ball, but it offers slightly more distance and a marginally higher ball flight. Into greens, the ball offers an enjoyable balance of soft feel, launch and spin without necessarily favouring one over the other.

The Spin Skin coating certainly helps to create a degree of check on cleanly struck chips, but this is not quite at the same level as a premium urethane-covered ball. The gap has certainly narrowed, though, and the feel is surprisingly soft.


The AD333 is an excellent all-round offering given the modest price tag. Long-game performance is where it differs from balls at higher price points, promoting a long, penetrating ball flight off the tee and extra height on approach shots to help stop the ball. It feels soft enough around the green and those who use a similar ball currently may notice a little extra grab, but if you switch from a premium ball, you’ll need to allow for some extra run out. A very solid performer.