Stowamatic, Stewart Golf, Powerhouse & Motocaddy S3

We recently conducted our biggest ever trolley test to help you find the one that will suit you best. Find out how 12 of the latest models performed with detailed feedback on each one

Motocaddy S3 Digital golf trolley

You can read the verdicts on each of the following trolleys by clicking on the models below:

Stowamatic GT 2 review

Ergonomics & Manoeuvrability 25/50 Functionality 20/40 Desirability/styling 15/30 Value 15/30 Build quality 14/20 Bag fit 7/10 Clarity of instructions 3/5 Car storage 4/5

Total 103/190

Stewart Golf F1 Lithium review

Ergonomics & Manoeuvrability 40/50 Functionality 32/40 Desirability/styling 20/30 Value 14/30 Build quality 19/20 Bag fit 7/10 Clarity of instructions4/5 Car storage 5/5

Total 141/190

Powerhouse Freedom Terrain review

Ergonomics & Manoeuvrability 23/50 Functionality 20/40 Desirability/styling 14/30 Value 22/30 Build quality 15/20 Bag fit 5/10 Clarity of instructions 3/5 Car storage 3/5

Total 105/190

Motocaddy S3 Digital

Ergonomics & Manoeuvrability 44/50 Functionality 34/40 Desirability/styling 26/30 Value 24/30 Build quality 17/20 Bag fit 8/10 Clarity of instructions 4/5 Car storage 4/5

Total 161/190


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