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Powerhouse Freedom Terrain golf trolley


Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

The Powerhouse Freedom Terrain golf trolley features tyres made from 3mm pneumatic rubber to offer greater traction on wet and hilly ground. The unique speed mechanism means that the trolley gradually builds up speed to prevent unexpected quick starts.

Battery options/price: 18-hole (£270)

Colour options: Black

Warranty/servicing: One-year on parts and labour. Postage and carrier costs included



The Powerhouse Freedom Terrain golf trolley was very sturdy and easy to set up. Competitively priced, making it a good choice for a first-time buyer. The speed dial allowed for a steady pace that built up gradually. The unit was very heavy, which meant controlling it was tough. The trolley had a tendency to veer off to the left sharply and so you couldn’t let go of it. The design didn’t hold a stand bag very well. Lacks big-name appeal. Despite there being a few teething problems, this is a solid trolley for the price. The build ensures the product will be long lasting. It was frustrating that it ran off to the left, meaning you could never really relax. Styling let down by wheels that seemed unnecessarily big.