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Stowamatic GT2 golf trolley


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Clubhouse Golf

The Stowamatic GT2 golf trolley is a new, improved version of the GT trolley. Added features include a distance function, LED display and an upgraded 27-hole battery. The display shows the speed and the set distance remaining. The chassis is made from strong, light aluminium.

Battery options/price: 27-hole (£499.99)

Colour options: Black

Warranty/servicing: One-year on parts and labour including battery



The GT2 was easy to assemble and disassemble, and the overall styling of the frame looks good, working well with the sporty wheels. The handle feels solid. The trolley had a tendency to veer off to the left, which meant you couldn't let go of the handle with confidence and had to keep moving it back on track. This was the noisiest trolley we tested. The Stowamatic GT2 golf trolley is good-looking trolley that is easy to set up out of the box. The fact that this particular unit had a tendency to drift to the left meant that moving it back on track was tiring. The frame is sturdy, but the design of the distance button means it isn’t the easiest to operate.