The Englishman told Golf Monthly he feels like he is beginning to finally fulfil his potential


Justin Rose: ‘I’m On Verge Of Special Career’

Justin Rose won his first title as World No.1 at the weekend and it has clearly given him a huge confidence boost.

The Englishman now has more PGA Tour titles than any of his fellow countryman present and past, and with his Major, Olympic Gold and other achievements, he feels he is finally fulfilling his potential.

Rose is in Saudi Arabia this week where he spoke to GM’s Michael Weston for the Golf Monthly Clubhouse Podcast.

The 38-year-old told us that he has already had a “great” career but he is on the verge of turning it into a “special” one.

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“The FedEx Cup is wonderful but it’s about the achievement of winning something season-long,” Rose said.

“That’s obviously a big cheque but honestly I look at the FedEx Cup in my trophy room and that’s what it’s about for me.

“I want to chase history, my legacy in the game. I’ve had a great career but I’m on the verge of making it a special career, so I think that’s what interests me now for sure.

“I feel like I’m beginning to finally fulfilling my potential that people have always told me that I’ve had.

“People telling you is one thing but you’ve got to learn to believe it yourself and i’ve probably been a bit slower on the believing in yourself part of the game but I’m starting to do that. And when I do do that and when I get all aspects of my game right I will be hard to beat.

“I’ve had glaring gaps in my game as well, putting hasn’t really been that great for me the last 7-8 years. I’m beginning to putt really, really well.

“If I combine that with my long game, that’s what has been the big difference the last few years.

“I’m dedicated to improving my weaknesses, always looking at them, where can I get better, marginal gains.”

Listen to Rose on the latest Golf Monthly Clubhouse Podcast below:

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