Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder Unveiled

All the details on the new Zoom Focus Tour laser rangefinder

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder Unveiled

The Zoom Focus Tour laser rangefinder unveiled today boasts a host of useful features, including a wider field of view and ultra-fast flag detection

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder Unveiled

The follow up to the impressive Focus X , which was one of the best laser rangefinders of 2020, comes the Zoom Focus Tour aiming to established Zoom’s credentials for high quality, premium features at an affordable price.

The brand's new flagship model boasts an even more premium look and feel thanks to the hybrid metal design, reminiscent of vintage camera.


It also has an ergonomic shape and tactile materials to made it easy to hold and keep steady, even in windy conditions.

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder Review

Golfers will also enjoy the premium optics on offer. The ultra bright, clear LCD display and 7.5 degree field of view provides a wider range of vision and is said to make a real difference to what you can see.

A 800m range and 6x magnification ensures no target that you want to see and get a distance to is out of reach while the adjustable eyepiece will suit different levels of eyesight and can be easily tweaked.


The laser has Slope functionality to account for changes in elevation up or downhill and can be switched on/off for tournament play. It even has an indicator on the side that can be seen by other competitors.

The continuous measurement function gives distances of whatever you scan the rangefinder across, while the Flagpole scanning mode ensures you pick out the correct target.

When the flag has been detected, the unit will vibrate to confirm when target is acquired, which should happen in less than 0.5 seconds.

You can choose to see the measurement in metres or yards and the compact size of the device means it can be stored in your pocket, although it does come with a premium carry case with bungee attachment that can be easily clipped to your bag.

The Zoom Focus Tour laser rangefinder is one sale now with an RRP of £299.