In this Zoom Focus X Laser Rangefinder review, Joel Tadman takes it out on the golf course to give it a thorough test

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Zoom Focus X Laser Rangefinder


  • Easy to use and has a useful array of features. Rechargeable battery adds convenience.


  • No battery meter in the display.


Zoom Focus X Laser Rangefinder

Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

Zoom Focus X Laser Rangefinder Review

A laser rangefinder packed full of features at an affordable price, the Zoom Focus X impressed us from the off.


The off-white colour means it doesn’t quite have that premium appeal but it’s generous size, especially the width, made it easier to create a firm hold and keep it steady in windy conditions.

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It has all the features you’d ever need during a round, including Slope mode and the ability to switch from yards to metres. The unit will vibrate when the flag has been picked out from the background and it will display the yardage to the nearest 0.1 of a yard for an extra level of accuracy not many lasers offer.zoom-focus-x-testing web

Zoom Focus X Laser Rangefinder

The display wasn’t as bright or clear as other models but the focus toggle does a good job of making everything visible through the view finder.

In practice, this laser rangefinder is very easy to use. We like having the ability to scan across the horizon while holding down the button to see the distances to different targets, which is especially useful off the tee when seeing the distance to different trees and the lips of bunkers. The distances stacked up with every other laser we tested, including more premium models from more well-known brands, so it appears you can have piece of mind that the yardages are correct.

One unique feature of this device versus the competition is the micro USB charging feature instead of the usual CR2 battery. This means you don’t have to worry about keeping a spare battery on hand in case it runs out and for most golfers, we think it will be more convenient. That said, there isn’t a battery meter in the display so you won’t know when it needs topping up.

As you would expect, it comes with a carry case that includes a clip and elasticated strap that means you don’t have to keep using the zip during a round.


An impressive laser rangefinder with a high level of convenient, easy-to-use features at a price point that provides excellent value for money.