New Titleist Tour Soft and Velocity Balls Unveiled - Golfers will benefit from additional performane as well more colour options and play numbers to choose from


New Titleist Tour Soft and Velocity Balls Unveiled

The new Tour Soft for 2020 features the largest core ever produced by Titleist to deliver longer distance and better short game performance than the prior generation.


The larger core also required a thinner 4CE grafted cover, producing increased short game spin around the green. An updated spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design provides a more penetrating ball flight.

The new Tour Soft “T” sidestamp provides golfers with easier alignment on the tee or green. Tour Soft is available in white and high-optic yellow.

“When we began offering alignment aid stamps through our online My Titleist customiser , they instantly became the most popular options among golfers choosing to add custom logos to their golf ball,” Michael Fish, Titleist Golf Ball Product Manager, told GM.

“Our research and testing with Tour Soft golfers showed an overwhelming preference for using an enhanced alignment stamp and they put this ‘T’ mark at the top of their list.”

VIDEO: Titleist 2020 Golf Balls – AVX, Tour Soft and Velocity –

The new Tour Soft is available in white and high-optic yellow from February 7th with an RRP of £33 per dozen.

The new Velocity benefits from a larger, higher speed LSX core that generates fast initial ball speeds with extremely low spin on all full swing shots to generate more distance.


The spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design produces a more consistent, high-flying trajectory for longer distance and greater stopping power on iron shots.


A Fast NaZ+ Cover formulation is designed for speed and playable greenside feel.

“Velocity golfers love distance, but we know they’re also trying to shoot lower scores, and distance is only one part of that equation,”Michael Mahoney, Titleist Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing, told GM.

“Golfers can take aim from further away – confident that if they put a good swing on it, they’ll have the extra distance to reach the green with the ball flight to stop it there.”

The new Velocity is also available in three new high optic, matte color options of pink, green and orange for 2020 in various different play numbers from February 7th. The RRP is £28 per dozen.