Srixon Z85 Woods and Irons Revealed - Everything you need to know about the new Srixon Z785 driver, fairway and hybrid as well as the Z585 and Z785 irons


Srixon Z85 Woods and Irons Revealed

Srixon has unveiled its new Z85 series of woods and irons, replacing the Z65 range and featuring tour-proven clubs crafted for the best players in the world that go on sale from September 14th, 2018.

Headlining the range is the Z785 driver, which benefits from a titanium Cup Face made from a premium exotic alloy, allowing Srixon to make the face thinner and more flexible for added ball speed.


The face is actually 10 per cent thinner than the face on the outgoing Z565 driver. There’s also a lightweight carbon crown, which shifts the weight to the perimeter to provide more forgiveness and a tighter dispersion.


The Z 785 driver promotes a low-spin, penetrating trajectory in a tour preferred look and profile. It also features a Quick Tune System so golfers can adjust loft and swing weight as well as the Project X HZRDUS shaft as standard, one of the most popular shafts on tour.

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The Srixon Z F85 fairway wood features a steel face and stepped crown for ball speed and higher launch respectively. Srixon has made subtle changes to the bulge and roll properties of the face to increase distance and forgiveness.


You’ll notice the Z U85 hybrid has a larger profile than the previous generation to appeal to a wider audience. It also features the stepped crown for improved playability.

The Z85 Series woods go on sale from September 14, 2018, with an RRP of £349 for the Z 785 driver, £199 for the Z F85 fairway woods and £179 for the Z H85 hybrids.

Z85 Irons

Taking over the acclaimed Z65 series, the new Z85 series of irons builds on the technologies that help enhance distance, workability and feel.


The Z 785 irons (above) feature a tour cavity, providing additional mass behind the impact location for increased shot-shaping ability and versatility. The Z 585 irons (below) feature an added Speed Groove, essentially an internal channel on the SUP10 face insert, which allows for more face flexing, enhancing ball speed and distance.


Both irons offer an wider Tour V.T. Sole for smoother turf interaction and more consistent ball striking while the forged construction from the soft 1020 carbon steel provides a better feel through impact.

Building on the most recent success of the Z U65 Utility iron, the new Z U85 Utility irons feature a hollow, forged construction for a high-launch trajectory, soft feel and distance.


The iron-like address profile means they can be combined easily with the Z 785 or Z 585 irons, depending on player preference. It now comes in 2-6-iron and has a wider sole to suit more player types.

The Srixon Z Series irons officially launch in UK on September 14, 2018 and have an RRP of £799 for a 6-piece steel set (£899 for a 6-piece graphite set) for the Z 585 and Z 785 irons, while the U85 Utility irons are priced at £169 per club.