Ideal for winter, these battery-powered heated mittens attach to your trolley handle and can even charge your phone or GPS as you play

HottMitt Heated Mittens Revealed

From the makers of Stewart Golf trolleys, like the X9 Follow and R1-S Push, comes the HottMitt heated mittens, designed to keep the hands of trolley users warm this winter.

The HottMitt is a battery-powered heated mitten that also has a built-in phone holder, allowing golfers to not only see and use their touch screen, but also charge their phone or GPS device.


As well as warming golfers’ hands as they walk, the HottMitt also allows them to safely store, use and even charge their phone on-the-go. A single press of the illuminated LED button provides a five minute burst of heat, gently warming cold hands on chilly winter days.

The phone holder sits conveniently in the centre of the mitten, allowing the golfer to see and even use their phone or GPS touch screen thanks to the ClearTouch window. As an added bonus, they can also use the HottMitt’s battery to charge their phone.


The lithium battery pack that is included with the HottMitt provides enough power for 20 to 30 five minute bursts of heat, or two full charges of most mobile phones.

The HottMitt is primarily designed for use with push trolleys but it can also fit onto the handle of electric trolleys, but will restrict the view of the display. It fits onto the handle using a simple elasticated Velcro strap.


Stewart Golf CEO Mark Stewart said, “We know that our push trolley customers are still out there 1 or 2 times a week over the winter. Golf with cold hands isn’t easy, so the HottMitt is a real game-changer for dedicated winter golfers.

“The use of GPS and game analysis apps has increased over the last few years, so the HottMitt places the device exactly where it needs to be, as well as protecting it from the elements and even charging it up. It’s the perfect accessory for winter golf.”

The HottMitt has an RRP of £89.99 and is available now.