Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grips Unveiled - The three different tour-inspired models provide slightly different feels to suit your needs on the greens

Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grips Unveiled

Golf Pride, one of the most popular makers of golf grips, has introduced a new putter grip range called the Pro Only.

With three distinct Tour shapes, the Pro Only models were refined with direct player testing to deliver the highest degree of responsiveness and feel performance.

The heightened feedback is created by the proprietary tuned rubber material, affording a new level of precision feel for better distance control on greens of all speeds.


The Pro Only putter grip series will feature three different models, each with their own unique shape and colour coordinated star on the end cap to help distinguish them at a glance.

The Pro Only  Red Star features a modernised horseshoe shape with an arched paddle front for thumb placement. It also utilises a slight pistol kick in the back for hand heel pad placement and weighs 74.5g.

The Blue Star version boasts an angled profile with a wide, flat paddle front for thumb placement. The  angled back shape allows for comfortable finger positioning.

Finally, the Pro Only Green Star model is an Oval shape with an arched paddle front for thumb placement. It features a slight upper hand flared back for optimum finger comfort and hand positioning and is the heaviest and thickest at 86.5g and 88cc respectively.

“Many people find it surprising that 70% of the Top 30 putters on Tour prefer a smaller size putter grip. They prefer it because it allows them to gain greater feel, feedback and control. The Pro Only models deliver those Tour-preferred shapes with three uniquely optimised performance options.” said Bruce Miller, product manager, Golf Pride.

“The new Pro Only putter-grip series enhances those marksman preferences with our new age materials, providing preferred shapes that have been trusted to win countless major championships.”

Available now, prices are available on request.