World’s first quadrascopic launch monitor uses four high-resolution cameras to deliver even more accurate ball and club data

Foresight Sports, maker of the popular GC2 HMT launch monitor, is introducing a brand new model to its range that delivers even more accurate ball and club data thanks to its ground-breaking use of four ultra-high-speed cameras in a single device.

As the world’s first quadrascopic launch monitor, the new GCQuad incorporates a number of innovations designed for everyday use by club fitters, instructors, players and coaches to deliver a full spectrum of real-time ball and club data.

These new features include an expanded ball capture area, producing a hitting zone up to six times larger than the existing GC2+HMT launch monitors, which uses two cameras.

There’s also an on-board target alignment capability using Foresight’s proprietary alignment stick that comes with each unit as well as a larger viewable display screen for both indoor and outdoor use.

Also on the new model, a barometric sensor allows instant changes to weather and altitude conditions for the most precise down-range values possible.

 What is a GC2 launch monitor?

A built-in infrared light source removes the need for replacement flash modules while a changeable long-life Lithium battery makes outdoor range use, fitting or instruction sessions easier than before.

“The new GCQuad device has been designed from the ground up to take what we accomplished with the GC2+HMT to the next level,” said Foresight Sports Director Edward Doling. “We listened to the feedback from Tour players, top coaches and our customer base to produce a launch monitor that is at the pinnacle of innovation, design and engineering.”


The four high-resolution cameras contained in the GCQuad are matched with four high-speed optical sensors to deliver quadrasopic images. The optics are mounted on a shock-resistant aluminium frame for even greater precision and reliability, with all components then housed in a sturdy outer shell for long-term durability in all weather conditions.

Precise ball and club measurement data can be viewed in three ways – instantly on the device’s prominent display screen; via Foresight’s Performance Fitting App on iPad or tablet; and through the 4K-ready FSX software. Since all data can be saved online, details of every shot can be reviewed and analysed at any time.

The GCQuad is available from February 2017, with pricing details to follow immediately after the PGA Merchandise show. For existing owners, Foresight Sports is implementing a trade-in and cashback promotion to assist customers in upgrading to the new technology.