FootJoy Stratos Shoe Revealed

The new FootJoy Stratos shoe promises new levels of comfort and spikeless grip in a sophisticated design

FootJoy Stratos Shoe Revealed

The new FootJoy Stratos shoe revealed today promises new levels of comfort and spikeless grip in a versatile and sophisticated design.

FootJoy Stratos Shoe Revealed

The dream scenario for any golfer when it comes to footwear is a golf shoe that performs on the course but also looks at home away from the course too.

It means you don’t have to change them awkwardly in the car park before or after your round and you get much more value for money given the more wear time they will accumulate.

This is why FootJoy has created the Stratos, a spikeless shoe designed to offer both sophisticated styling and comfort on and off the golf course.


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(Image credit: FootJoy))

It delivers this through a cork-lined fitted and an all-new cushioning compound called StratoFoam, a proprietary foam blend that provides optimal support and comfort for conditions specific to golf, including swinging, walking and everything in between.

FootJoy Stratos Golf Shoe Review

As well making Stratos one of the most comfortable golf shoes in the FJ range, StratoFoam also provides shock absorption and energy return with every step thanks to the EVA/Polyolefin material mix.

The tread pattern on the all-new VersaTrax+ outsole has been cleverly designed to provide what FJ are calling ‘anti-channelling’ grip.


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(Image credit: FootJoy))

This is achieved in two ways; firstly the design minimises the possibility of turf or debris gathering in the outsole which means maximum contact between the ground and the shoe is maintained.

Secondly, the traction points are positioned in a non-linear way with each at different angles so the shoe is always able to find the next traction element to catch onto the ground which maintains grip and prevents slipping.

The new outsole configuration utilises multiple TPU compounds to grip any surface – a harder TPU for on-course grip and a softer TPU for traction on harder surfaces. It is also noticeably green friendly.

For the upper, FootJoy has used a soft, premium NappaLuxe Premiere leather upper from Pittards of England that benefits from a special tanning process to achieve an ultra-luxurious, supple feel. It features an athletic-fit construction, generous across the forefoot with an integrated tongue for all-around comfort and a reinforced heel for greater rear foot stability.

The FootJoy Stratos shoe comes in four colours in men’s (white, grey, navy and cognac) and three in women’s (white/grey, blue/green and silver) with an RRP of £159.99 and a one-year waterproof warranty.

Who Is The FootJoy Stratos Shoe Aimed At?

Richard Fryer, FootJoy’s Footwear Director of Product Management, explains more about where Stratos fits into the FootJoy shoe range.

What gap in the FJ range does Stratos fill? We spent a lot of time analysing the market and listening to consumers and, whilst we have a very broad range already, there was one key consumer need that we weren’t hitting. The golfer – both male and female – looking for a premium, luxury, spikeless model, with a casual aesthetic.

What will the user experience be like versus a Pro SL? Whilst technically Pro SL is also a leather spikeless product, it is geared almost solely for on-course play. Stratos will be a slightly softer ride than the Pro SL while the VersaTrax+ outsole broadens the wearing opportunity of the shoe. The Pro SL will also provide a little more structure and stability in the upper, while Stratos will be more mobile and inclined to move more readily with the foot through the swing.

What feature are you most proud of and why? Whilst people will be drawn to the rich, soft leather upper, it has to be the midsole/outsole unit that we’re most proud of. With the StratoFoam midsole – as the name suggests – it’s like walking on clouds, delivering comfort but crucially with rebound and energy return to minimise fatigue.

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