Ben Hogan Introduces Equalizer II Forged Wedges

Ben Hogan has announced its latest generation of forged wedges.

Ben Hogan Equalizer II Forged Wedges
(Image credit: Ben Hogan)

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has introduced a new line of Equalizer II forged wedges that are aimed to simplify the wedge selection process.

Ben Hogan Introduces Equalizer II Forged Wedges

Ben Hogan has introduced its Equalizer II forged wedges that aim to combine a classic design and aesthetic with contemporary technology and engineering.

The company has touted these as its best performing wedges ever and, as with all Ben Hogan irons and wedges, are forged from soft 1025 carbon steel that provides soft feel and feedback through impact.

The Equalizer II wedges come off the back of Ben Hogan releasing its 2021 putter range in March.

The size of the club head has been enlarged slightly from previous generations of the Equalizer wedges to provide a larger effective hitting area while discretionary weight from the perimeter of the club has been removed, allowing the Ben Hogan club designers to optimise the progressive centre of mass.

Ben Hogan Equalizer II Forged Wedges

Scott White, President and CEO of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, said of the removal of perimeter weighting, "We’ve managed to reposition more weight than ever before at different, precise locations in the various wedges to maximise performance."

"In the lower-lofted gap wedges, the Center of Mass is located much higher on the face to create more penetrating, controllable trajectories. Then it moves lower in the sand and lob wedges to provide progressively higher trajectories."

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Equalizer II wedges also have an improved version of the company's proprietary V-Sole technology, which combines a high-bounce leading edge with a lower-bounce trailing edge.

For golfers, this translates into excellent turf interaction and minimises the impact that side hill or downhill lies have on loft.

Ben Hogan has also introduced a Texas Grind for the Equalizer II wedges, inspired by some of the better players at its office and other players in Fort Worth, Texas.

It is inspired by the windy and dry conditions in Texas that create very hard fairways, the Texas Grind incorporates extreme toe and heel relief making it easier to pick shots clean off tight lies.

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Right handed Ben Hogan Equalizer II wedges are available in even numbered lofts from 48 through to 62 in both a traditional nickel-chrome and Diamond Black Metal finishes and the Texas Grind model is limited to the 50°, 54° and 58° models. Left handed models are limited to 50°, 54° and 58° models in the nickel-chrome finish.

The Ben Hogan Equalizer II wedges have an RRP of $125 in the nickel-chrome finish and $130 in the Diamond Black Metal finish.