Ben Hogan has revealed its 2021 putter lineup with a brand new model, the BHM02, joining four previous models in a new platinum finish.

Ben Hogan 2021 Putter Lineup Revealed

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has today introduced an enhanced 2021 lineup of putters that include four original models available in new finishes and a brand new model, the BHM02.

The four models returning from last year are the bladed BHB01, BHB02 and BHB03 and the mallet design BHM01 and are all available in a new, highly durable platinum nickel finish option for 2021.

The brand new BHM02 is the brand’s second mallet option and is comprised of a forged-milled aluminium face attached to a forged-milled 304SS body.

Ben Hogan 2021 Putter

The new Ben Hogan BHM02 putter

The multi-material construction of the BHM02 allowed the designers to move more mass backwards and to the perimeter of the head, resulting in the most forgiving putter in the Ben Hogan lineup.

The BHM02 has a double bend shaft and is face balanced for those players who prefer a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke.

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Previously, the BHB01, BHB02, BHB03 and BHM01 were only available in the brand’s diamond black metal finish, but they will all now be available in a more traditional platinum nickel finish.

Ben Hogan 2021 Putter

From bottom to top, the Ben Hogan BHM01, BHB03 and BHB01 in the new platinum nickel finish

The entire 2021 lineup can be built to a golfer’s individual specification. The standard length for all Ben Hogan putters in 35″, but they can be lengthened up to 36.5″ or shortened to 33.5″, depending on preference.

The standard lie angle, 70 degrees, can also be adjusted up to two degrees flat or upright at no additional charge.

There is also a choice of four SuperStroke grips on the 2021 Ben Hogan putter lineup: the Traxion Flatso 1.0, Traxion MidSlim 2.0, Traxion Slim 3.0 or the Pistol GT 1.0.

All putters are available directly from the Ben Hogan website from today (March 24th) for £175.