New Wilson Staff DX2 and DX3 Balls Launched - Wilson Staff has re-designed its low compression ball lineup for golfers seeking performance at a lower price point

New Wilson Staff DX2 and DX3 Balls Launched

Wilson Staff, prolific in low compression golf ball technology, has completely re-designed the construction of its DX2 Soft and DX3 Soft Spin balls to enhance their performance for the 2018 season.

The DX2 Soft golf ball – regarded by some as the world’s softest ball with its ground-breaking 29 compression – has been re-designed with a 3% increase (1.595” diameter) in its core size to generate more ball speed.


Aimed at the player seeking greater distance, the DX2 Soft also has a new softer and thinner Sodium/Zinc ionomer cover to provide optimum distance and durability.

The 40 compression DX3 Soft Spin ball is the world’s softest multi-layer golf ball and incorporates a new inner core that generates low spin rate off a driver face.

The DX3 Soft Spin is said to produce the longest driver distance and softest compression of any 3-piece Surlyn golf ball, along with a new and responsive HPF blend mantle and softer Surlyn cover for increased spin on approach shots.

wilson staff DX3-soft-spin

The dimple depths of both the DX2 Soft and DX3 Soft Spin balls have been adjusted to make them shallower and they feature the new 302SL-H Dimple Pattern (5.7% shallower dimples) for higher trajectory and longer distance.

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The remodelled DX2 Soft and DX3 Soft Spin golf balls are joined in the DX family by the multi-coloured DX2 Optix with a matte finish, as well as the DX3 Urethane, seen as the softest Urethane ball on the market. Both of these balls were released in 2017.

wilson staff DX2-Optix

The new Wilson Staff DX2 Soft and DX3 Soft Spin golf balls are contained in eye-catching packaging featuring Soft Touch Print Technology that provides golfers with an immediate soft feel, emulating the texture found on the balls themselves.

All balls in the DX family are available now at the following RRPs: DX2 Soft – £19.99 per dozen, DX3 Soft Spin – £27.99, DX3 Urethane – £34.99, DX2 Optix – £19.99.