Golf Monthly traveled to FootJoy's Fairhaven office near Boston, Massachusetts, to meet the people that form the FootJoy glove, sock and apparel teams

As a wearable brand, FootJoy’s gloves, socks and apparel lines are not just extensions of their shoe offerings, they are a key category in helping the golfer perform better on the course. We meet the people behind the No.1 glove in golf as well as the brains behind FJ’s sock and apparel innovations.


Footjoy Andy apparel

Andy Jones
Andy was the man that created the business plan for FJ to get into the apparel business in 2011, utilising FJ’s existing sales force and considering every possible angle to ensure the venture would be the success it is today. They are already years ahead of the initial planned schedule.

FootJoy Nancy HardingNancy Harding
The primary designer of FJ’s apparel lines, Nancy gets her inspiration from the high street, trade show, furniture magazines and even flea markets to make sure FJ’s apparel designs are on trend and appealing across the different worldwide markets.


FootJoy Whitney Trimble

Whitney Trimble
As a scratch golfer, Whitney is able to harness Nancy’s ideas and creativity and bring it back to what the serious golfer is looking for in terms of style and performance.


Footjoy Maria Bonzagni

Maria Bonzagni
Maria has been leading the FootJoy glove business for over 20 years and in that time, is constantly looking at ways a glove’s performance can be enhanced as well as educating golfers on the importance of the correct fit.


FootJoy Jessica Hakeem

Jessica Hakeem
Socks is a key category for the FJ brand, headed up by Jessica who blew us away with the amount of technology that goes into making FJ’s wide variety of socks that make the shoe-wearing experience better on the course.