Which 2021 TaylorMade Driver Is Right For Your Game?

We take a closer look at the TaylorMade SIM2 drivers


TaylorMade SIM2 was one of the most eagerly anticipated launches of the year. We take a closer look at which 2021 TaylorMade driver is right for your game

Which 2021 TaylorMade Driver Is Right For Your Game?

TaylorMade has been at the forefront of developing driver technology for over four decades, so the launch of SIM2 was always going to attract a lot of attention, especially given the original SIM's wide use on Tour and popularity with club golfers.

Put straight into the bag by the likes of Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood, the question is: how are they different? More importantly, what model is right for your game?

Which 2021 TaylorMade Driver Is Right For Your Game?

Rory McIlroy plays the TaylorMade SIM2 driver, 10.5 degrees. The Northern Irishman currently averages over 323 yards off the tee on the PGA Tour [ Getty Images]
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To recap, SIM gets its name from the asymmetric sole design that reduces aerodynamic drag in the last three feet of the downswing to maximise clubhead speed where it is needed most - at impact.

The Asymmetric Inertia generator carries over from last year's SIM drivers, and so too does the Speed Injected Twist Face.

However, we've seen a radical design shift in terms of its construction, with TaylorMade introducing a number of new features in order to deliver even more forgiveness and power.

New Forged Ring Construction


Which 2021 TaylorMade Driver Is Right For Your Game?

One of key new technologies is called Forged Ring Construction.

The striking blue aluminium ring at the back of the clubhead is not there merely to boost shelf appeal - it unites a massive rear weight, a full carbon sole, crown and a milled back cup face to help deliver a low CG and high MOI.

SIM users will notice that the sliding weight has gone, which TaylorMade says wasn't being utilised by the majority of golfers.

As a result, the entire sole and crown is made from carbon fibre, which is strong but also exceptionally lightweight so more weight can be kept lower in the club.

Meanwhile, engineers have milled the back of the face, which has allowed them to create a variable thickness surface to optimise where the fastest parts of the face are relative to where most golfers strike it.

For the user, this means more speed from a wider area.

Which SIM2 Driver?

TaylorMade SIM2

Which 2021 TaylorMade Driver Is Right For Your Game?


As was the case with the original model, there remain three heads to choose from - SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max D - and there are some subtle differences between each of the three models.

The standard SIM2, as used by McIlroy, is the lowest-launching, lowest-spinning option of the three. As such, it is aimed at the faster swinging golfer who tends to naturally create more spin through impact and it should help those players gain maximum control over their ball flight.

TaylorMade has made this possible by splitting more of the weight front to back; it features a TPS weight on the sole of the club and 16g of steel at the rear, which promotes enhanced forgiveness and the ideal spin properties for faster swinging players.

It also has a 12 per cent larger face, which makes it more forgiving than the original SIM.

Whilst this is clearly aimed at better ball strikers, the SIM2 is an option worth testing for any player looking to reduce spin with the driver.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max

Which 2021 TaylorMade Driver Is Right For Your Game?

With the mid-launching SIM2 Max, as used by Fleetwood, the TPS weight is a little more towards the heel, and there's 24g of weight at the rear for added forgiveness.

Whilst both models are user-friendly, the SIM2 Max, will suit those looking for more forgiveness on off centre hits. It should also suit those golfers in need of more driver spin to create the optimum ball flight for their game. This will largely come down to the specific way you deliver the club to the ball, so it makes sense to go through a custom fitting to the find the model that offers you the best launch conditions to maximise your distance and accuracy.

SIM2 Max D

SIM2 Max D

The SIM2 Max D is aimed at the highest handicap profile, and is definitely worth considering if you have a consistent fade, are battling a destructive slice or if you are a mid or slow swing speed player looking to launch the ball with ease.

By moving the entire Inertia Generator and 22g weight towards the heel, TaylorMade has been able to maintain forgiveness while enhancing draw bias.

If you play with a consistent fade, this draw bias should deliver more distance. Alternatively for any golfer battling a slice, the set up of the SIM2 Max D will guard against the shot that's preventing you from shooting lower scores.

SIM2 Metalwoods Range

Completing the SIM2 line-up, there are three fairway wood options, including the more compact SIM2 Ti fairway that features a lightweight carbon construction with Zatech Titanium Face and a heavy 80g steel sole weight for a five per cent increase in MOI over its predecessor.

TaylorMade SIM2 Fairways

(Image credit: TaylorMade)

There’s also the larger SIM2 Max fairway and draw biased SIM2 Max D, along with SIM2 and SIM2 Max Rescues.

This means that whatever your shot patterns and whatever your most consistent misses are, there should be something in the TaylorMade metalwood line up to help you play better in 2021.

















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