Having played Cobra clubs most of my life it was a big step to change to Karsten Solheim’s PING family this year. I’ve always been happy with my Cobra sets and never had plans on changing brand. Having said that, my ancient Zing putter has been by my side through all my sets and my curiosity to find out whether the rest of the PING range was as good made my trial some of its new products.
At this year’s BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth I found myself at the PING stand booking an afternoon fitting session. In the boiling heat with far too many people watching and a pair of regular Converse on I expected somewhat of a disaster when gripping the G15 7-iron. Much to my surprise, and clearly the people around me, my ball flight was great and accurate and it went further than expected.
Before I knew it, a set of regular shafted G15 irons were delivered to my flat together with the new K15 driver and fairway woods and a beautiful looking Redwood Zing-putter.
The wider sole positions the centre of gravity lower and more towards the back of the club, which generates added yardage and higher-flying shots. As a single handicapper I wasn’t too happy hearing how the clubs are designed for game improvement and extreme forgiveness as I wanted to believe I do all the work myself. To be fair though, the design allows for a comfort and consistency that I haven’t experienced earlier.
When it comes to the Straight Flight Technology the heel weighting in the K15 woods helps to make the clubface square, generating not only straighter, but subsequently longer shots.

My new irons might not look as impressive as PING’s new S56 irons when
they’re sitting in bag, but to be honest I couldn’t be happier with my
new friends.