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PING K15 driver


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Clubhouse Golf

PING has added the K15 to the range to offer a product with even more forgiveness than the G15 range. In the K15 driver they have pushed 10% of the mass 
of the head into the heel to 
help straighten wayward flights. The large surface area of the 
face has been designed to maximise forgiveness.

The PING K15 driver will suit those looking to maximise 
the amount of distance they find off the tee and/or anyone whose regular shot shape has a rather weak, 
left-to-right flight.


I normally play a 9.5˚stiff driver, so when I picked up the 10.5˚ regular-shafted K15, I was apprehensive. I shouldn't have been. I loved the slightly closed look at address and the feel and weight of the club were perfect. 
I must admit I was surprised with the extra distance I was getting with the K15 offering a good 30 yards extra. The K15 driver offered plenty of distance and forgiveness, just as you would expect from any new PING driver. lt sits slightly closed, which will suit anyone who suffers with a slice, but those with the opposite affliction may struggle. (Reviewed by GM's James Mason) PGA Pro verdict I loved this driver, it was incredibly easy to use. For me, a good ‘ease-of-use' test is to hit shots off the deck. This highlights how well the centre of gravity has been positioned. And even off the ground, the trajectory was good and the flight was strong. Looking down at address I initially thought this was a 12˚ driver (it was 10.5˚) and seeing lots of loft is a real confidence boost. (Reviewed by John Jacobs)