From Titleist to Nike to TaylorMade, with a few other bits and bobs along the way. We look at Tiger Woods' golf gear down the years...

Tiger Woods’ Golf Gear Through The Years

Take a journey through 2019 Masters champion Tiger Woods‘ golf bag through the years, from 1996 up to the present day…


In 1996 Woods won his third US Amateur title in a row using Mizuno MP14 irons and Cleveland 588 RTG wedges. He was using Titleist woods, a Ping Anser putter and the Titleist Professional 90 ball.


Woods won the 1997 Masters using a King Cobra driver. He also had a Scotty Cameron putter in the bag.

His Titleist golf bag seen. He reportedly signed a five year deal with the company in 1996 worth $20m.


Woods used the Titleist 975D in 2008 as well as Titleist forged blades and wedges.


Woods’ Titleist golf ball seen.


Tiger’s Titleist irons seen. He had a full bag of Titleists but had switched to a Nike ball in May at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Hamburg. His Nike contract had been extended for 5 years worth $105m. He now had a Buick sponsored golf bag too. He won the US Open, the Open and the USPGA Championship in 2000.


Woods was still using Titleist clubs and the Buick bag in 2002. He had now started wearing his famous ‘TW’ logo caps.

Although he eventually switched to a Nike driver in 2002.

Wood’s bag pictured at the 2002 USPGA Championship in August at Hazeltine. He would win the 2003 WGC-Amex Championship in September using Nike irons too.


Tiger’s Nike Forged irons and Pro Combo wedges seen. He put a Nike TW One golf ball into play too.


In 2004 Tiger put the Nike Ignite 410cc driver into play.


In late ’04 Woods switched to a 460cc Nike driver and by 2005 he had the Nike T60 Ignite 3 wood in the bag.  He then put the T40 5 wood in play as well as a TW One Platinum golf ball.


2006 was a huge year for Nike, with the SasQuach woods debuting in Tiger’s bag. Tiger put the SQ 460cc driver into play initially and then opted for the SQ Tour later that year. The SQ’s weren’t actually officially launched until 2007, however.


Nike launches the SasQuach range including the fairway woods which would become a mainstay in Tiger’s bag – he’d use them right up until mid-2010. Woods put both the SasQuach 3 and 5 woods in play as well as a new Nike SV 60 degree lob wedge.


Woods’ Nike forged blades seen. 2008 saw Tiger put in a VR wedge.


2009 was a big year for Nike and Tiger, with Woods putting a new Nike SQ Dymo driver in the bag as well as new VR blade irons.

He also had an AT&T golf bag.

Woods’ Nike One Tour golf ball seen.

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Woods sported a Tiger Woods bag in 2010 as well as a host of new clubs.

He put the Victory Red Tour driver into play as well as VR Pro wedges and a Nike Method putter halfway through the season. He also switched out his SQ fairways to VR Pros. He was using the Nike One Tour ball.


In 2011 Woods went to a slightly smaller 420cc driver, kept the Nike Method 001 putter in the bag and switched to a Nike One Tour D ball.

He also changed to a Powered by Fuse Science golf bag towards the end of the year.


Woods put the SasQuatch five wood back into play during the 2012 season.

He remained using the Nike Method 001 putter and One Tour D golf ball.


Woods put the Nike red-headed VRS Covert driver into play during 2013 as well as the fairway woods.

A close up of Tiger’s VRS Covert fairway wood and One Tour D golf ball.


His golf bag was sponsored by Muscle Pharm in 2014.

He began using a prototype Nike Vapor Speed driver later in the year as well as the fairway woods. He would keep this setup with his Nike VR blades and wedges in 2015, however he moved into the Nike RZN Black golf ball.


2016 was a huge year for Woods’ equipment, after Nike announced that they would no longer make golf hardware. Woods was out for the majority of 2016 until he appeared at the Hero World Challenge in December. He arrived with some new clubs.

Woods had the TaylorMade M2 driver in the bag along with M1 fairway woods, his old trusty Scotty Cameron and a new Monster golf bag. Was he going to sign with TaylorMade? All would be revealed.


Woods played with this same set up for the Farmers Insurance Open in January, where he missed the cut, and in the opening round of the Dubai Desert Classic before pulling out. At the PGA Show in February he did sign with TaylorMade, despite rumours that he was buying the company. He also signed with Bridgestone to play the Tour B330-S golf ball.

Image: @PGA Tour

Woods turned up to this week’s Hero World Challenge with TGR branded irons, the logo for his company, along with a TaylorMade RSi TP UDi driving iron.

He is using the 2017 M2 three wood and the 2017 M1 five wood along with Nike wedges. His ball is the Bridgestone B XS.


Tiger Woods What's In The Bag

Woods tweeted an image of his new TaylorMade ‘TW-Phase 1’ blades prior to the Wells Fargo Championship in May.

It was his first set of TaylorMade irons since signing with the company in early 2017.


(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Fast forward to 2019 and Tiger Woods put in the M5 driver along with M5 and M3 fairway woods.

He moved on from his TW Phase 1 irons to new P7TW blades.

He was still using the Scotty Cameron putter, which he has now won 14 of his 15 Majors with, and the Bridgestone ball.

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No major changes for Tiger in 2020 apart from the additon of the TaylorMade SIM driver. His current ball is the Bridgestone Tour B XS.

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