Who currently coaches the famous Northern Irish golfer? Here we take a look.

Who Is Rory McIlroy’s Coach?

Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy has pretty much achieved all there is to achieve in the game of golf. A four-time Major winner, former world number one, winner on several Ryder Cups, his list of achievements is endless.

But for all the great athletes very few achieve greatness on their own and one of the key people who has helped Rory truly get the most out of his talent is his coach. But who is he? Let’s take a look.

Who Is Rory McIlroy’s Coach?

Rory McIlroy’s coach, Michael Bannon, has been with him from the age of 8.

He had been the club professional at Hollywood Golf Club and Bangor Golf Club, which he left in October 2012 to coach Rory full-time.

Speaking about coaching such a young player Bannon told Golf.com; “He got good parents, and his parents were great. They brought him up well, gave him the confidence and you know, not to talk about myself, but maybe I was the right person in the right place at the time. I was lucky, too. And it’s just a combination. I don’t really know.”

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Indeed Rory’s father introduced a technique that Bannon recommends for all young golfers and coaches of young players.

“One of the smart things his dad did was which was very good and a lot of junior parents should do, is his dad adjusted the pars on the golf course.

“So the first could have been a par-6 or 7. Then the next might have been a 6, and he’d do nine holes. And Rory could go ’round the course under par.”

Rory himself has spoken about this fondly before as shown by the video below..

“It was really a smart thing because it gave him the confidence thinking, ‘Yes, great, I was under par today,” Bannon said. “Under par from the course that his dad had set up for him. So that’s a good thing … not to be afraid to be under par.”

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Rory has also worked with coaches specific to short game and putting. Two examples of this are Phil Kenyon and Brad Faxon but it is unclear if McIlroy is still working with either of them currently.

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Another curious coaching appointment who was photographed with McIlroy at the 2019 Masters, is Dr Clayton Skaggs.

At the time McIlroy acknowledged that Skaggs was helping him work on the 3 P’s – perspective, persistence and poise.

Skaggs is the founder of the Central Institute for Human Performance which aims to teach individuals about health, pain and performance and McIlroy is one of their high-profile clients.

We are yet to confirm if the pair are still working together.

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