Quiz! Can You Name Every Multiple Masters Winner?

Can you name all the multiple winners of The Masters?

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Can you name all the seventeen multiple winners of the Masters?

The first of the multiple winners of the Masters achieved his feat in just the third Masters – or the Augusta National Invitation Tournament, as it was then called. (It was renamed The Masters Tournament in 1939.)

This particular player, a future Hall of Famer, was to play in 23 Masters tournaments but, apart from his two victories, only achieved one other top-10 finish at Augusta National. In the other three Majors – not admittedly that the current concept of Majors existed at the time – he recorded 16 top-10 finishes, but no wins.

However this is not the shortest gap between Masters victories, as there have been three golfers who have won successive Masters. All those who have won successive Masters have also gone on to win again at Augusta after that.

The longest gap between Masters victories is 14 years; and by those players who only won two Masters, it is 11 years. The longest period between a first and last Masters victory is 23 years.

In all, 17 men so far have won The Masters on more than one occasion, 12 of them are Americans, one is African and four are Europeans. Can you name then all? You have five minutes to do so. You need only enter a player’s surname to answer.

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