Here, we take a look at how to get the perfect home golf set up, including the best chipping nets, putting mats and affordable launch monitors

How to get the perfect home golf set up

As we endure lockdown 2.0 across many parts of the world and golf courses have been forced to close, the only option for those wanting to keep their game sharp is to practice at home.

But don’t despair, because this isn’t as depressing as it sounds. In fact, there are lots of ways you can hone in your skills across different areas of the game and we’re going to take you through them now.

You won’t need all of these bits of kit – the route you go down will be dictated mostly by the space you have available and your budget but also what part of your game requires the most attention.

Choose the options that are right for you and who knows, when the courses re-open you might be a better golfer than you were before.

Chipping net

The staple of any home practice set up, a chipping net allows you to not only work on your strike but also your accuracy.

Some even come with different targets and fold down easily into a small bag for convenient storage. Yes, you’ll have to brave the winter temperatures, but put on a base layer and a golf jumper and you’ll be just fine.

Here are some of our favourites:

PGA Tour Perfect Touch Practice Net from Amazon
This chipping net comes officially-licensed from the PGA Tour. It’s just over 50cm in diameter and is very easy to set up as it simply ‘pops up’. There’s three targets to aim at and it also comes with a DVD to help you with your technique.

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Inesis Golf Approach Practice Net from Decathlon

Different targets on the net allow you to work on your precision to improve your short game. A fibreglass pole frame that folds down for easy storage.

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Longridge Quad Pop Up Practice Chipping Net from Scottsdale Golf
Collapsible design for easy storage, this durable chipping net has five pockets for different targets and can be used indoors or outdoors. A better short game starts now, no excuses.

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Putting mat

Putting on your carpet serves a purpose, but it’s far from ideal. For a more realistic experience, try a putting mat.

Some individual mats offer different speeds and come with slope ramps so you can practice breaking putts. It won’t be like the real thing, but it’s as close you’re going to get.

Here are some of our favourites:

Longridge 4 Speed Track Putting Mat from Amazon

Choose from four Stimp speeds ranging from 7.5-13. Measures three metres in length and comes with adjustable slope ramps to replicate different breaks of putt.

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Pure2Improve 5.0 putting mat from American Golf
Three metres in length with easy an roll surface and graphics with detailed sets of putting exercises to enhance your putting skills, regardless of your ability.

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Perfect Practice Putting Mat from Amazon US
Endorsed by Dustin Johnson no less, this mat boasts an alignment “train-track” training to ensure a straighter putting stroke. The Auto Return Feature means you can practice non stop without having to move.

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Launch Monitor

When practicing your swing and hitting balls in a situation where you don’t know where the ball would have gone, it’s preferable to get some feedback via some other means. A launch monitor does exactly this.

These devices sit either in front or to the side of the ball and can tell you things like ball speed, launch angle, spin rates and even predict distance and direction.

How A Launch Monitor Can Improve Your Game

They vary greatly in price, with the more expensive options like SkyTrak and Foresight Sports GCQuad able to form part of a simulator experience while still working on their own. But there are some excellent options out there that are more basic and affordable, which we’ve highlighted below.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor from Amazon
Working in conjunction with your smartphone, this launch monitor offers video playback, shot tracing graphics and a full shot library so you can analyse your performance.

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Garmin Approach G80 from American Golf
Not only is the Garmin Approach G80 an excellent GPS device, but it also doubles as a handy launch monitor – resting on a golf ball to detect crucial parameters. You can even take on distance challenges in practice mode to see how you perform under pressure.

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Voice Caddie SC200 from Scottsdale Golf
Easy to set up and highly portable, the SC200 has three useful modes (Practice, Target & Practice Swing) and has a voice output feature that will tell you how far the ball travelled on every shot.

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Full Swing net

If you’re going to fix that horrible chicken wing or disastrous overswing, you’re going to need to hit proper golf shots. Unfortunately, a bed sheet draped over a washing line puts your neighbours’ safety at risk.

Luckily, a more sturdy and purpose built alternative doesn’t need to break the bank and they’re easy to set up too. Here are some options to consider, along with a mat to hit off to save your precious lawn…

PGM Full Swing Practice Net from Scottsdale Golf
This heavy duty option is three metres wide and those prone to the occasional hosel rocket will welcome to inclusion of shielded sides to preserve the integrity of your garden fence.

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SKLZ Quickster Practice Net 6ft from Rockbottom Golf US
Assembled in just 90 seconds, this net caters for all clubs and has a removable and height-adjustable full swing and chipping target to freshen up your practice sessions.

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Pure 2 Improve Square Practice Net from Golf Support
Swing away to your heart’s content with this large, reliable net that secures into the ground using four pegs. It packs away into a handy carry bag and even has a 60cm target in the middle for chipping. You really do have no excuses.

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Longridge 3 Turf Practice Mat from Golf Support
Not only will you not take any divots out of your garden, but you can also practice from those all-too-familiar rough lies thanks to the three different lengths of synthetic grass.

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Training aids

Of course, there are some quirky gadgets out there, but depending on what you’re working on, a training aid could be what you need to engrain a new movement or feeling.

The garden is the ideal place to rehearse this, especially if you’re not able to hit golf balls. Get in front of a mirror (a window reflection will do) and see what your swing actually looks like.

Then choose an appropriate aid, perhaps one of these?

Pure 2 Improve 21″ Putting Mirror from Golf Support
With putting, a degree can make all the difference. Hone the perfect stroke with this mirror, which gives you feedback on your eye position and also lets you set the clubface perfectly square.

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Masters Drill-Stix Golf Alignment Rods from Scottsdale Golf
A pack of two rods just like the ones the tour players use. They’re great for alignment, but you can also stick them in the ground as use them as a swing plane guide. An essential item for any golfer looking to improve.

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Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer from Amazon
A favourite among tour players and amateurs alike, this flexible friends promotes the correct rhythm and timing during your swing along with a powerful release at impact. Just don’t try and hit an actual ball with it…

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For those of you with space and money to burn, a simulator could be the ideal solution to conquer any lockdown blues.

SkyTrak and Foresight Sports, maker of the impressive GCQuad, have a range of ready-to-go simulator solutions.

New Foresight Sports Home Simulators Unveiled

Whether in a living room, spare room, garage or garden, all you need is enough space to swing a golf club and a net and you are ready to go.

Foresight also provides a ‘Performance’ simulator, which quickly and easily assembles straight out of the box in a matter of minutes.

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A simulator also provides the ability to play some of the world’s most famous courses from the comfort of your own home. Certainly food for thought.

So that’s it, everything you need to build the perfect home set up.

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