Who coaches the young American?

Who Is Collin Morikawa’s Coach?

The young American has had a scintillating start to his career so far, winning two Major titles and a few more PGA Tour titles.

He is unquestionably a star of the game so the question remains, who coaches him?

Let’s take a look below…

Who Is Collin Morikawa’s Coach?

Morikawa was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up playing Chevy Chase Country Club just north of Glendale and Pasadena.

At the age of 8 he started working with Rick Sessinghaus and the pair have continued to work together as the American has risen up the ranks of professional golf.

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One of the earliest things they stressed as partnership was how to hit shots from different slopes because Chevy Chase Country Club has so many different slopes and lies to deal with.

Morikawa once noted that this was incredibly important because it taught him how to control his shots especially with the irons.

It therefore comes as no surprise that his iron-play is regarded as the strongest part of his game – he ranked 2nd in SG: Approach for the 2020 PGA Tour season, and he currently ranks 1st in 2021 as well.

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Additionally Sessinghaus often stresses the importance of learning from every single shot.

Rather than look at whether a shot is good or bad, he wants to look at what can be learned from the shot instead.

“With Collin, at an early age, we were doing a lot of our lessons on the course,” he said.

“There’s a lot of great swings out there but not many golfers,” Sessinghaus told PGA Tour.com.

“He learned to play at a high level. Collin’s been wired that way; I’ve tried to cultivate it, raise his golf I.Q. by putting him in different situations.

“He’s going to look at a golf course and create a strategy based on his capabilities. He’s not going to overpower it but can plot his way around based on his strengths.”

When you consider how successful Morikawa has been at the start of his career, the partnership clearly seems to be working and given how young the American is, more wins and more Majors could be on the horizon.

Another person Morikawa worked with during his time at the University of California, Berkeley was men’s golf coach Walter Chun, who said of the American; “He taught me a lot about being a coach. He’s so driven; it’s part of what made him the player he was, and what makes him the player he is.”

He also worked with longtime Cal Golden Bear coach Steve Desimone who helped recruit Morikawa to the university.

Desimone was at Berkley for 37 years and called Morikawa the easiest kid he has ever coached.