I Asked AI Who Would Win The Masters... Its Pick Missed The Cut, But I Gave It One More Chance!

It's widely accepted that using AI is an efficient way to complete many everyday tasks, but it turns out picking Major winners isn't one of them...

I Asked AI Who Would Win The Masters... 15th hole at Augusta National at The Masters
Who does AI think will win The Masters this weekend?
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In pursuit of picking a winner for The Masters this year, I decided to put my faith in modern technology and seek the help of artificial intelligence (AI). With an extensive knowledge of Augusta National, and access to every Masters statistic ever recorded, I felt confident that this method was fool-proof... until AI's pick missed the cut!

The well-delivered response put up a rogue choice in Justin Thomas, but it's detailed rationale convinced me that he had a chance to win a first Green Jacket. With the prospect of a weekend without a horse in the race, I decided to give AI one more chance to help me find the winner of The Masters...

Who does AI think will win The Masters?

With my patience wearing thin, I returned to the same AI answer generator that I used previously. With an irked undertone I asked it the question... who will win The Masters this year? This was it's response...

"Predicting the outcome of golf tournaments, especially a prestigious event like The Masters, is a challenging task due to the level of competition and unpredictable nature of the sport.

"However, based on current form, past performances, and overall skill set, I believe that Collin Morikawa has a strong chance to emerge victorious this weekend at Augusta. His consistent ball-striking, exceptional short game, and ability to thrive under pressure make him a formidable contender for the green jacket.

"Keep an eye out for Morikawa's steady play and mental fortitude as he navigates the challenging Augusta National course, as he may very well be the one hoisting the trophy on Sunday evening."

Collin Morikawa with his caddie, holding a putter at Augusta National

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Trying not to take its initial statement as an admittance of guilt, I found myself ready to get onboard one final time as we head into the third round. But, before I go expectantly into my evening of watching The Masters, I decided to ask it a couple more questions that might add a little bit of extra fun to the weekend.

Will There Be A Hole-In-One At The Masters This Year?

"It is impossible to definitively predict if anyone will make a hole-in-one at The Masters this year. A hole-in-one is a rare and remarkable accomplishment in golf, requiring a combination of skill, precision, and luck.

"The likelihood of a hole-in-one depends on various factors, including the specific hole setup, player skill level, and course conditions. While the excitement of witnessing a hole-in-one at The Masters is always present, it remains uncertain until the tournament unfolds. Golf fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of witnessing this extraordinary feat during one of the most prestigious events in the sport."

I think that could be the perfect definition of sitting on the fence.

16th hole at Augusta National for The Masters

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What Will The Winning Score Be At The Masters This Year?

"As an expert in sports analysis, predicting the winning score at The Masters can be a challenging task due to the unpredictable nature of golf tournaments. However, based on recent trends and historical data, it is expected that the winning score at this year's Masters will likely fall within the range of 10 to 15 under par.

"Factors such as the course conditions, weather, player form, and course set up will all play a significant role in determining the final winning score. With top players continually improving their skills and pushing the boundaries of the game, we can anticipate a competitive field that will strive to achieve a score that reflects the challenging yet rewarding nature of Augusta National.

"Ultimately, the winning score at The Masters this year is expected to be a testament to the skill, determination, and strategic prowess of the world's top golfers as they contend for the coveted green jacket."

Can Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods get to 10-under-par by Sunday evening? Ambitious, I know, but Morikawa is only seven shots off. Watch this space...

Barry Plummer
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