Motocaddy Cube vs Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

A push cart can save you a number of shots out on the golf course. In this piece, we take a look at two of the best

Motocaddy Cube vs Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart
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Motocaddy Cube vs Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

Over the past few years, golf carts have grown sharply in popularity. The reason? Well firstly, they make walking the golf course that little bit easier and a lot less tiring than if you carry your clubs. Additionally, push carts are a relatively cheap way of getting around 18 holes and should last longer, making them superb value for money. 

Currently, there are a number of quality models available on the market, with this comparison test specifically focusing on two of the best push carts that money can buy - the Motocaddy Cube and BagBoy Nitron.

Both models don't just rank in our best push cart guide, but also amongst some of the best golf carts anywhere out there right now, with both being rigorously tested by Golf Monthly. However, which one is best for you? We look at the user experiences head-to-head.


Both these models would rank highly amongst the most compact golf trolleys on the market, fitting easily in your vehicle and wherever you'd store them around the house.

When testing the Cube, the first thing that we noticed is how lightweight and compact it is. It meant you had to be a little careful on side slopes, especially if the bag in use is predominantly heavier on one side. But it has proven to be robust and well made, chewing up the terrain with relative ease. 

Bag Boy might not be a household name to some but don’t let that fool you, its certainly packed full of performance. With some pretty neat packing and practice, we managed to fit the Nitron and golf clubs into the trunk of a medium-sized hatchback, albeit with not much room to spare. It's slightly heavier than the Motocaddy Cube, which makes it a little harder to push but also more stable across bumpy ground, helped by the wider wheel base.

The Motocaddy Cube Push Cart being pushed

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Once again, both excel in this department, as the two models can be setup in under 10 seconds and in a few simple movements. However, if you are running late for a tee time and need to set up and be ready as quickly as possible, then the Bag Boy slightly edges it, with its process taking literally seconds.

Out of the car and on the course, the patented nitrogen-powered opening mechanism on the Bag Boy does the job perfectly. It opens up in one smooth action, with the clip that adjusts the height of the handle simply clipping into place once you find the correct position. It really is that simple!

The Motocaddy Cube is also easy to setup, with the process requiring just a couple of button clicks and movements. With practice you’ll be folding and unfolding without a second thought. There is also the addition of the adjustable handle height, which is easy to move up and down into the correct position, no matter how tall (or short) you are.

Bag Boy Nitron

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In testing, we found that it doesn't matter if it's a Motocaddy bag, a cart bag, or even a stand bag, you will have no issue securing your bag to the Cube as any bag sits nicely and is held in place with adjustable, elasticated bag supports at the top and bottom. There’s no way a bag is falling off this trolley. 

Like the Cube, the Nitron also has no problems here, as the bungee straps do an excellent job of tightly securing your golf bag in place from start to finish, with no twisting taking place throughout the many rounds we used it for.

Along with the secureness of the straps, both work well over the harshest ground with, as mentioned previously, the large wheels of the Cube rolling well over all bumpy terrain. The handle feels good and the parking brake a great little addition that is simple to use with your foot.

Motocaddy Cube push trolley review

The Cube will hold any bag firmly in place

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It is the same with the Bag Boy, which is incredibly stable on undulating terrains. It is worth noting that it does feature a fixed front wheel, making it less easy to manoeuvre than some other carts on the market. However, this is key to its excellent stability, plus you will get used to steering it over time.

Additional Features

The Bag Boy Nitron has a number of additional features that improve the overall user experience. There is a scorecard holder, a beverage holder, a mobile phone holder, an umbrella holder, as well as them handle-mounted parking brake. 

Like the Nitron, the Cube also features a lot of the above, like a drink and scorecard holder, accessory compartment, tee and ball holders, umbrella holder and under-handle storage net. However, it is worth noting that you will need to purchase the umbrella holder separately.

Which one should you choose?

Choose the Motocaddy Cube if… 
- You are after a compact, lightweight push cart
- You want oversize wheels that glide easily
- You have a Motocaddy bag and/or a lower budget

Choose the Bag Boy Nitron if... 
- You are after a cart that is easy and quick to setup
- You need extra stability for hilly terrain
- You have a little more money to spend

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