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If exceptional forgiveness, high long launches and confidence inspiring heads are what you after, then you might want to sit up and take note of the new Ping GMax irons.

The new game-improver irons replace the Ping Karsten model, and are joined by the new better player Ping i irons, a new Ping Glide ES wedge and two new Ping Cadence TR putters as part of a big summer launch.

The Ping GMax irons key differences from the Karsten include its 40 per cent stronger faces and new COR-Eye design (below) that help increase ball speeds by 1-3mph for an extra five yards of distance.

Ping GMax irons

The new COR-Eye design helps boost distance

The extra yardage is made possible thanks to a heat-treatment of the stainless steel that makes it 40 per cent stronger, which in turn allowed Ping to thin the faces so they can flex more explosively.

The Ping GMax irons also have plenty of new features that improve forgiveness across the face.

These include longer blade lengths and increased offsets over the Karsten equivalents, plus wider soles that helped Ping move the centre of gravity lower and further back for easier launches.

Ping GMax irons

The new GMax irons include lots of technology that’s hidden neatly away

Greater trailing edge relief and increased bounce also help the soles move through the turf more efficiently, while the Custom Tuning Ports are further back than on previous Ping irons, which again increases forgiveness and makes it easier to achieve a higher launch.

Progressive swingweights range from C6 (4-iron) to C9 (9-iron). Having the long irons lighter makes them easier to square at impact for better accuracy in the top end of your bag.

Ping Gmax irons

Progressive swing weights through the GMax set make the long irons more forgiving

Another big bonus with the Ping GMax irons is that they come with Ping’s CFS Distance shaft in a range of flexes, with models from Dynamic Gold, Project X, XP 95 and Nippon available at no extra charge.

The Ping GMax irons will cost £96 per club in steel, or £108 per club if you opt for graphite.