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The G30 replacement iron is something that has had countless Ping fans speculating and eagerly awaiting for the last few months, and we’re happy to say it’s finally here and it doesn’t disappoint.


The new game-improvement G model brings in COR-Eye technology, which debuted in Ping’s GMax irons last year. That design structure allows for a face that is 32 per cent thinner, helping it to bend and spring at impact four times more than the G30 iron. This equates to ball speeds 1.25mph faster, five yards of extra carry, a higher peak height and a steeper landing angle for quicker stopping shots.

Ping G irons Cor-Eye techAnother update comes via the Custom Tuning Port (CTP), which is now connected to the sole for the first time. This positions the centre of gravity (CG) deeper and helps raise the moment of inertia (MOI) for more forgiveness, higher launch and tighter dispersion through the set.

Ping G iron badgeThe top line of the iron has also been rounded, giving it the appearance that it is thinner than it is. Another change Ping has made is to use a bigger badge behind the face and to use a thicker adhesive in securing it to the club, improving the club’s feel and sound at impact.

Ping G irons

Ping also teamed up with Nippon to create the new AWT (Ascending Weight Technology) 2.0 shaft in the Ping G irons, which sees the shafts get progressively heavier as you move from long to short irons. This provides lighter long irons that help square the face, increase launch and clubhead speed and heavier short irons that improve trajectory and control. This shaft is also an option available in the new Ping G Crossover.

PING-AWT-2.0-SHAFT-WEBTechnical specs
The RRP of the Ping G iron in steel is £92 per club. There will also be a CFS graphite shaft option at £104 per club. Both come in 4-9, PW, UW, SW and LW, so you can pick your perfect set make-up.