Extensive research carried out by FootJoy discovered that over 50 per cent of golfers wear a golf that is too big. A glove that is too big leads to friction inside, causing the glove to wear out faster and even blisters to appear.

A golf glove should be replaced every 15-20 rounds depending on the model you choose. Remember that when you combine the shots you play on the course with the number of practice swings you take before each shot and the bucket of balls you hit before you tee off, each round is actually more like 2-3 rounds of glove wear.

There are many different sizes of gloves with FootJoy going that extra mile by offering a regular size, which fits players with palms and fingers in proportion, and Cadet size, which fits golfers with shorter fingers and wider palms.

How to put your glove on correctly
Work the fingers in first, depress the leather gently around each finger until snug. Put the thumb in last. Glove should feel like a second skin, with no excess material at end of fingers. The Velcro closure should go no more than 75% of the way across to adjust the glove during wear.

Fitting checks
There should be no excess material in the end of the fingers and on the palm, which you shouldn’t be able to pinch. It should feel tort, like a second skin.

What your glove wear is telling you
Thumb wear – suggests you may be extending your thumb too far down the grip

Heel wear – suggests you may be re-gripping at the top of your swing or you may be holding the club too close to the top of the grip.

Palm wear – suggests your hands may be slipping during the swing or you’re gripping the club too much in the palm rather than the fingers.

How to take care of your glove
Taking proper care of your glove will expand its lifetime. Stretching it back to its original shape after play will maintain its suppleness by bringing the natural oils of the leather to surface. Purchasing more than one glove and rotate them between rounds will also help your gloves last longer. Use a damp soft cloth to remove dirt and dry on a towel and never adjust your glove by pulling on the cuff around wrist, just smooth glove out with your other hand.