The six-time PGA Tour winner's driver head broke off during the PGA Championship


Why Bryson DeChambeau Was Allowed To Replace His Broken Driver

Bryson DeChambeau broke his driver during the opening round of the PGA Championship.

Perhaps from weeks and weeks of swinging the club too hard, Bryson went to pick up his tee and noticed that the head had fallen off.

The Golfing Scientist was given a replacement shaft within 10-15 minutes and he screwed his driver head back on and was good to go.

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So, why was this allowed?

Rule 4.1b is the rule in question, and it allows players to replace broken clubs during play – as long as you don’t break it on purpose.

In some cases if outside influences or someone other than you or your caddie damaged a club, you are allowed to get it replaced provided you can do so without unreasonable delay.

DeChambeau did not cause any delay so this was absolutely fine.

When replacing the club, you cannot add or borrow any club from anyone else who is playing on the course (even if the other player is playing in a different group or competition), or build a club from parts carried by anyone for the player during the round.

Bryson did essentially build his club as he screwed in the new shaft, but as it wasn’t being carried by anyone during the round he was okay – it was clearly an emergency situation where someone had to race to get the shaft back out to him, which was apparently in the boot of his car.

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He had to be very careful when putting the shaft back in though, as if he screwed it into a different setting he could have been disqualified.

You cannot alter the playing characteristics of a club in a round.

If something has come loose in the club, a swing weight for example, then you can tighten it provided it is back in the position it started in.

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