Why Are There No Patrons At The Masters?

There will be no spectators – patrons as Augusta National calls them – at this year’s Masters. But why?

Why Are There No Patrons At The Masters?
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There will be no spectators – patrons as Augusta National calls them – at this year’s Masters. But why?

Why Are There No Patrons At The Masters?

When the Masters was postponed from its usual April slot to this November, it had been intended that patrons would be allowed in in November.

So why the change of heart? Why are there no patrons at the Masters? Well, it is because of Covid-19. Particularly it is because Georgia has been one of the States in America most hit by it.

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When the decision to go ahead without patrons was announced in August, only Florida and California had a greater number of active coronavirus cases.

Moreover, they, and those who had tickets to the cancelled 2020 Augusta National Women’s Amateur, have exclusive access to the new patrons online store. Only patrons can buy from here. Even then they are limited to two purchases each.

So, if you wanted three Masters Santa gnomes ($49.50 each) you are going to be out of luck even if you are a patron. (Don’t worry, there are plenty of funny golf gifts non patrons can buy elsewhere.)

However if you are a patron missing the Masters experience, you can get a literal taste of the Masters. This is via the Taste of the Masters pack. The $150 bundle is intended to feed about 10-12 people and includes a pound of pimento cheese, as well as other goodies including egg salad, caramel popcorn, potato chips and chocolate chip cookies.

The good news is, you will still have a purchase left over. So you can sit munching this fare, while watching the Masters on television, with a Masters gnome for company. Alternatively you may wish to buy a Masters mug ($15) to drink from. (However the Taste of the Masters pack does includes 25 cups.)

Hogan Bridge

Pic credit: Getty Images

Players at the Masters have spoken before of the almost eerie silence around Augusta’s 12th green. (Posters of this hole and its iconic Hogan Bridge are available at the patrons online store for $35 by the way.). That part of the course has never had spectators, I mean patrons. Now the whole course will be, and feel, like that.

Of course to the players the lack of a crowd will not be a new feeling this season. Only a couple of tour events have had spectators present since the season’s resumption in June.

But to Fred Ridley this remains a regret.

“Even in the current circumstances, staging the Masters without patrons is deeply disappointing," he said.

The guests who come from around the world are a key component to making the tournament so special. We look forward to the day when we can welcome all of our patrons back, hopefully in April 2021.”

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