The Pimento Cheese sandwiches are something of a legend about the Augusta National and Masters - here is how to make one in 30 seconds

How To Make A Pimento Cheese Sandwich

The Pimento Cheese Sandwich is legendary when it comes to the The Masters, here’s how to make a delicious sandwich in just 30 seconds…

The Masters and pimento cheese sandwich have become synonymous with one another thanks to the location of the tournament being in Georgia, a southern state.

Pimento Cheese sandwiches are incredibly popular during the Masters tournament (Getty Images)

Pimento cheese sandwiches are a southern delicacy much like fried chicken and sweet tea. However, The Masters version has been shrouded in mystery thanks to its secret recipe.

For over 40 years a local caterer had provided The Masters with the sandwiches, but stopped doing so in 1998, when a local chain restaurant took over.

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The local caterer, a man called Nick Rangos, refused to give over his secret recipe, but chain restaurant owner Nick Godfrey eventually worked it out and provided the pimento cheese sandwiches until 2013 when they switched vendor again.

Godfrey, like Rangos, refused to give up the recipe and everyone could tell the difference.

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Wright Thompson of ESPN wrote at the time; “There’s definitely more spice, and some think there’s more mayo. The consistency has changed, sometimes leaving soggy bread gummed up around a big blob of the spread. From the outside, it seems like a combination of legal liability issues and stubborn pride has left the Masters concessions staff trying — and failing, in a rare moment of fallibility — to re-create the same recipe that generations of golf fans have enjoyed.”

So what changed and what is the secret ingredient? We cannot equivocally answer either of those questions but no doubt they will once again prove to be immensely popular at the Masters.

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