Long Game Tips

Learn how to improve your long game with tips, tutorials and coaching, including detailed guides and video walkthroughs.

A solid long game requires a sound technique – it’s as simple as that. Whilst we are all different sizes and shapes there are a host of rules relating to the way in which you need to approach the game to ensure you strike the ball cleanly. In this section, we have collated the very finest instruction from the Top 25 Coaches to help you with your fairway wood play, hybrid, play, long iron play and your mid iron approach play.

Of course, becoming a better golfer also requires the ability to hit different shots whenever you need them. So whether you want to hit a low punch into the wind, shape your shots around trees or find better strikes from poor lies, there is some great advice here aimed directly at your game.   Better golf is just around the corner, especially if you take on the best long game tips we have to offer. Devote yourself to developing better technique for golf and you’ll hit crisper, straighter and longer golf shots – that’s a combination we could all enjoy!