Beginners Golf Guide

Learn how to improve your beginner golf game with hints and tips from some of the world's best coaches

Golf is a game that requires a host of different skills. You need the athleticism and poise to hit long powerful drives, the technique to strike your irons sweetly, a deft touch around the greens, and then the mental strength to hold it all together when the pressure is on. With that in mind, we have called on Golf Monthly’s Top 50 Coaches to put together a series of articles to help you build a solid game in every department. 

First up, setting some foundations from tee to green is a vital step for every golfer, but especially beginners. There are few better feelings for a newcomer than making your first birdie, but to do that, there are some techniques to learn and practice. Contained within our guides below is everything you need to know to hit the green more often and give yourself the best chance of improving. 

Of course, scoring well requires far more than just a solid swing. You will also need to develop important skills around the green. That means being able to escape from bunkers and having a chipping technique you can rely on to make solid contact. All that is included here in these simple and effective tips.

Finally, no beginner golfer tips would be complete without some advice on how to master the basics of what is arguably the most important part of the game: getting the ball in the hole. Our golf putting tips for beginners are designed to do just that, and will hopefully provide the final piece of the puzzle that will help you get off on the right foot.