Golf is a game that requires a host of different skills. You need the athleticism and poise to hit long powerful drives, the technique to strike your irons sweetly, a deft touch around the greens and then mental strength to hold it all together when the pressure is on.

We have called on Golf Monthly’s Top 25 Coaches to put together a series of beginners guide to golf articles to help you set the foundations to a better game.

From driving to pitching, there are a host of techniques to learn and practice all of which require small but essential tweaks to the basic technique of the golf swing. Below are the X guides that will help you build a solid game in every department.

Beginners Guide To Driving

Beginners Guide To Fairway Wood Play

Beginners Guide To Hybrid Play

Beginners Guide To Iron Play

Beginners Guide To Pitching

Of course, scoring well on the course requires far more than just a solid golf swing. You will also need to develop important skills around the green. The first port of call here is the bunker and a simple lesson from Paul Foston on how to cement the basics to escape sand every time.

From bunker play to the short game, our next lesson comes in the shape of a beginners guide to chipping. Andrew Jones is one of the top short game coaches in the country and his tips are designed to help you develop both the technique and feel required to get up and down more often.

Finally, we head onto the green itself with our beginners guide to putting.


Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Gary Alliss covers the basic fundamentals of pitching, including the set-up and the grip.


Paul Foston has some tips that will help you improve your bunker basics and enable you to get up and down from sand more often.


Gary Alliss discusses how you can check your putting fundamentals to make more putts and lower your scores.


Kevin Craggs explains how to hit your irons consistently more solid and control your distances so you can hit it closer.