Players revealed that they had extra motivation to win the Ryder Cup as Bjorn would get a tattoo if Europe won


Thomas Bjorn To Get Tattoo Of Ryder Cup Score

2018 European Ryder Cup Captain Thomas Bjorn made plenty of good decisions in the build-up and during the match, but there is one which he said he got wrong.

That was to agree to get a tattoo of the scoreline if Europe win.

Players such as Justin Rose, Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia and Rory McIlroy were quick to remind him about it at the winners’ press conference where Bjorn revealed that he will go ahead with it.

“We had an extra bit of motivation this week,” said Ian Poulter during the press conference.

Players then discussed Bjorn’s tattoo at the press conference and joked about the Great Dane’s diminishing hairline:

Rose: Was it a number or an image?
Poulter: Score.
Garcia: We still have to work the initials of the players.
Rose: I think they might be talking about a tat, to keep everyone in the loop.
McIlroy: There could be a visit to a tattoo parlour coming soon for Mr. Bjørn on his head.
Rose: Plenty of real estate there

Captain Bjorn then revealed where he would be getting his tattoo, and it wasn’t on his head…

“Let me put it this way, it’s going to go on a part that only Grace (his girlfriend) will see,” he said.

“I might have to send them a picture, well, then you’ll all see it as well, I guess.

“The worst decision I made all week.”

Garcia: No, it was the best.
Poulter: It was clearly the best.
Poulter: Something to fight for, extra.

Europe won the 42nd Ryder Cup by 17.5 points to 11.5 for their sixth straight home victory.

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