Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal irons

Using a new material called Chromoly 4140M to make the irons long and forgiving

Golf Monthly Verdict

Mizuno has certainly created something special here, aimed at mid and high handicappers who want to make their misses more manageable and hit their irons shots further. The long irons were particularly user friendly and golfers could certainly mix and match this model with the JPX900 Forged as they have the same lofts.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Powerful, fast-feeling irons that provide distance and forgiveness in equal measure. Ideal for mid and high handicappers that struggle with their iron play.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Wide soles are visible at address with the long irons - only a minor qualm that may not suit the eye of some.

Golf Monthly's Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal irons review, a game improvement model that is long and forgiving while still being bendable for custom fitting

Key Technology Made from a new material called Chromoly 4140M, it combines very high ball speeds with the bendability of a forged iron. It has paved the way for Mizuno to create its thinnest ever cup face for extra distance, while remaining soft and bendable in the hosel for precise lie angle adjustments.

Looks This is the largest of the three new JPX900 irons, making it the most forgiving and confidence-inspiring behind the ball. There’s certainly a degree of crossover with the JPX EZ Forged, the JPX900 coming in a lighter finish and with less offset. The wide soles mean you can see the back of the head of the longer irons at address.

Shelf appeal These irons look absolutely fantastic on the rack and that doesn’t change when you take a closer a look. Shiny chrome areas combined with more brushed satin areas and Mizuno’s signature blue trim create a near-flawless aesthetic, while the size will instantly appeal to golfers who prioritise forgiveness but in a traditional looking head.

Head Design The Power Frame is immediately obvious looking from the back, creating a rigid structure around the perimeter of the head that provides forgiveness and allows the thin face to flex more explosively. The wedges within the set also have their own material – a softer X30 steel that offers a softer feel around the greens.

Shaft Mizuno don’t really offer a ‘stock’ shaft, as there is a wide variety available with no upcharge through a custom fitting, including Dynamic Gold AMT, KBS Tour C Taper Lite, Project X LZ and multiple graphite options.


Feel and Sound Of the three irons in the JPX900 iron line, the Hot Metal has the loudest, most powerful sound and feel of the three. The feel is incredibly fast and solid at impact, contributing the impressive carry numbers across the face and good dispersion too.

Forgiveness That solid feel you get from the face is similar regardless of where you strike the ball on the face. Help is definitely at hand from the heel and toe, with distance consistency a surprising trait from this game improvement iron.

Ball Flight There’s no doubt you’ll experience a higher ball flight than you might expect. It’s perhaps comparable to when you get a flier from the rough with a short iron, where the ball comes off high and hot and stays in the air forever, but with the required stopping power to hold the green.

Distance With a 7-iron loft of 31 degrees, which is about the average for a club of this size, these irons have the potential to hit the ball a long way. The relatively low spin combined with the higher launch produced carries far longer than traditionally lofted 7-irons.