The new Mizuno ES21 wedge revealed today features a hollow cavity design that allows for a more centred sweetspot, boosting spin and consistency

Mizuno ES21 Wedge Revealed

Mizuno has unveiled its ES21 range of wedges said to be more stable and consistent thanks to a more central sweet spot.

Traditional wedge designs tend to have a sweetspot that is slightly towards the heel due to long wide hosels and high lofts, making it hard for many players to find consistency. But the ES21 wedges feature a higher, more central sweet spot which delivers a squarer strike and greater levels of more controllable spin.


A multi-piece stainless steel construction features a hollow body for a higher and deeper centre of gravity that promotes more vertical gearing for increased spin, while the high toe and low heel keep the wedges extremely stable when the face is opened.


Extreme Spin

ES21 wedges feature Quad-Cut Grooves, which are ultra-precise CNC milled grooves cut into durable Grain Flow Forged Boron infused steel.

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In addition, Hydroflow Micro Grooves, which are vertically etched, help release moisture and maintain spin even in damp conditions.


The ES21 wedges are available with either a standard or wide sole option, each model featuring a surprisingly narrow top line to give the confidence-inspiring look of a players’ wedge at address. The Wide Sole options have four degrees of additional bounce versus the standard sole options.

“We’ve taken a very Mizuno type approach to the ES21 by keeping the top line very sleek – despite the technology inside. Our testing showed that there’s a lot of good golfers out there who will be surprised at the gains they could make by having more predictable spin numbers,” said Mizuno’s Director of R&D David Llewellyn.

The ES21 wedges go on sale in October 2020 with an RRP of £155 in lofts ranging from 54-60° in the black finish and right hand only. A KBS Hi-Rev 110 Wedge Flex shaft in black ion and a Lamkin ST hybrid grip come as standard.