The five-time PGA Tour winner is going to take six weeks off to work on his strength


Bryson DeChambeau To Bulk Up: ‘I’m Going To Look Like A Different Person’

Bryson DeChambeau told the media after his T4th finish at the Shriners Open that he is going “to look like a different person” in six weeks when he returns to PGA Tour action.

The Golfing Scientist is going to take a month-and-a-half off to work on his body as he bulks up to hit the ball further and get more out of his muscles – or, as he says, to “make sure the neurological threshold is just as high as the mechanical threshold.”

“…as of right now I need some time off. I’m going to come back next year and look like a different person,” he said in Las Vegas, where he shot 63 in the final round to place T4th in his title defence.

“You’re going to see some pretty big changes in my body, which is going to be a good thing.

“Going to be hitting it a lot further.”

DeChambeau is already one of the biggest hitters in golf, averaging over 300 yards off the tee for the last two seasons as well as 318 yards so far for 2019/20.

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However, he’ll be putting on even more yards by the sound of it.

“Bigger. Way stronger. Not necessarily bigger, but just stronger in general. I am going to look probably a lot bigger, but it’s going to be a fun month and a half off,” he said when asked what he’ll look like.

“I have never been able to do this, and I’m going to go do things that are going to be a lot of fun.”

He said he is working with Greg Roskopf in Denver, Colorado to work on Muscle Activation Techniques.

“We make sure the neurological threshold is just as high as the mechanical threshold,” the World No.8 said.

“In layman’s terms, pretty much whatever muscle potentially you have, how big and the muscle spindles you have, making you can recruit every single one of them to their full potential throughout the whole range, and training the whole range of motion.”

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