The American came under fire from Robert MacIntyre after hitting people twice without shouting 'fore'


Stanley Fights Back After MacIntyre “Fore” Comments: “A Non-Issue”

Kyle Stanley was involved in controversy in the second round of the Open Championship after his playing partner Robert MacIntyre called him out for not shouting “fore” and hitting people twice.

Stanley’s ball struck MacIntyre’s caddie’s mother on the 17th and the American didn’t shout ‘fore’.

The two-time PGA Tour winner called it a “non-issue” because marshalls were signalling that the ball was offline.

“I hit a ball right on 17 yesterday. You had a hard wind off the left. After I hit several people on the tee box yelled ‘fore’,” he said after being asked to explain what happened.

“My two playing partners, my caddie, a couple of the volunteers or the marshals, even had them signaling it was going right. I mean, everyone to the right of that ball, they knew it was coming.

“So to me it’s kind of a non-issue. I’m not really sure why he decided to make such an issue about it. I know it hit his caddie’s mum’s hands off the bounce, and that’s unfortunate.

“But as far as I’m concerned, a number of people yelled ‘fore.’ He made the argument that since I hit the ball that it maybe should have come out of my mouth first. I guess I can see that.

“But it’s unfortunate it ended up the way it did. It certainly wasn’t my intention to put anyone in harm’s way. I had my wife in the gallery, my coaches. So I’m surprised it’s kind of come to this point.

“When I hit it off line I do [usually shout ‘fore’].

“But this was a unique situation. You have marshals on the tee signaling where the ball is going. You have guys down there in the landing area. Everyone knew that ball was going right.”

Stanley also struck a marshall on the 14th hole without shouting ‘fore’ although he says that his caddie shouted immediately.

“I hit a 5-wood left out of the rough and my caddie yelled ‘fore’ about a second after it came off the club face.”

The 31-year-old said that MacIntyre’s comments were not an accurate reflection of what happened and that the young Scot needs to be careful about painting him in a bad light.

“I wouldn’t say heated. We talked about it briefly. I was surprised. I was caught off guard that it even came up, really. I just explained to him my side of it, just like I told you guys.

“And listen, I saw what he said last night. The way things were kind of painted from his perspective wasn’t — he left out quite a few details. I wouldn’t really say that was an accurate description of what happened.

“You know, when you talk about somebody playing within the boundaries of etiquette in golf, that’s kind of a touchy situation.

“To paint somebody in a bad light, not playing within the etiquette of the game, you’ve got to be careful when you do that. When you tell your story, you’ve got to make sure you have all the details.

“From what I read last night, he didn’t do that. He’s a young player. I’ve been out here a while. So I don’t feel the need to be schooled on the rules of golf or what to do when you hit a shot off line.

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