Stanley hit a marshall on the 14th and Robert MacIntyre's caddie's mother on the 17th hole without shouting fore


Robert MacIntyre Rages At Kyle Stanley After Caddie’s Mum Hit

Robert MacIntyre was unhappy after round two of the Open Championship after his playing partner Kyle Stanley twice hit people in the crowd without shouting fore.

Stanley hit a marshall in the shin on the 14th hole without shouting fore before his ball struck Robert MacIntyre’s caddie’s mother on the 17th.

Luckily neither person was seriously injured but the young Scot was rightly disappointed in Stanley’s actions.

MacIntyre told press of the incident after his round and revealed that he had words with Stanley but “didn’t really like the response.”

“There’s a few things that I’ve been not happy about today. And coming down the last I wasn’t happy with the one on 17. Not just with me. I played great overall tee to green, but just disappointing finish.

Read the transcript below –

Q. What happened?
RM: Playing partner [Kyle Stanley] doesn’t shout “fore.” The ball is going in the crowd. We’re shouting “fore,” the ball is coming down. We’re shouting as it’s coming into the crowd and he’s just standing watching it. People don’t have enough time to react after we shout. It hits Greg, my caddie’s, mom. And so I told them how it was.

Q. You told them?
RM: I said I wasn’t happy. And they — I didn’t really like the response. He’s the only one I’ve seen. Straight in the crowd. It was in the crowd from the word go. And we expect them to shout “fore.”

Q. And it hits Greg’s mother?
RM: Yeah.

Q. Is she okay?
RM: I think she’s all right. It’s not what you want.

Q. That kind of unsettles everybody. Were they harsh words?
RM: It wasn’t too pleasant. But you’ve got to tell them.

Q. He didn’t take it well?
RM: He didn’t take it well at all. That ball was going straight in the crowd. From the word go, it’s going in the crowd. Just shout, simple as that. Us, too, shouted as it was coming down, but you don’t have time. It’s too late then. People are diving out of the way of things when they should have more time.

Q. Guy who hits it has got to shout?
RM: Yeah.

MacIntyre is at 2 under par after 36 holes in what is his first ever Major championship.

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