XXIO, a brand known for its premium lightweight golf equipment, has introduced the all-new Prime range of clubs aimed at golfers with moderate swing speeds.

XXIO Unveils All-New XXIO Prime Range

XXIO, the premium Japanese golf brand aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds, has today unveiled its new range of Prime golf clubs.

The new Prime range will sit alongside last year’s successful XXIO X and XXIO Eleven range of clubs.

The XXIO Prime range is the most lightweight equipment the brand has produced and is aimed at those golfers who swing the golf club at around 79mph or less with the driver.

The new XXIO Prime range includes an ultra-lightweight driver, fairway wood, hybrid and iron set all designed to improve distance and accuracy with less strain on a golfers’ swing.

XXIO Prime Woods

Featured on the new Prime driver is Rebound Frame, an alternating pattern of stiff and flexible zones on the club head that help increase ball speeds especially on off-centre hits. This has resulted in a 231 per cent increase in the sweetspot on the XXIO Prime driver versus last year’s XXIO X range.

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The entire range of Prime clubs is designed with XXIO’s Super-Tix Plus Titanium Face, an incredibly strong yet lightweight alloy that adds speed across the face to shots.

The most important design feature that makes the new Prime range ideal for moderate to slow swing speed golfers is XXIO’s Weight Plus technology.

Weight Plus is a counterbalancing technology that places weights in the end of each shaft, located behind the hands when the club is gripped. The grip weight helps push the club head up through the backswing for a more consistent top of swing position and then helps brings the hands and club head into a good position at impact.

XXIO Prime Technology

The technology behind the XXIO Prime range and the premium materials that go behind the construction

Weight Plus is featured in the entire Prime range and is key to making XXIO an ideal choice for those golfers who swing the club slowly but still want maximum performance out of their clubs.

In addition, XXIO has introduced its Prime Royal Edition aimed at female golfers.

The new Prime Royal Edition combine luxury and performance, all carefully curated for female golfers and providing unmatched attention to detail for speed and an easy swing feel.

XXIO Prime Royal Edition Line Up

The XXIO Prime range will be available from retailers on March 20th, 2021, with the following RRPs: driver £899.99, fairway £599, hybrid £399 and irons £315 per club.

The XXIO Ladies Prime Royal Edition will also be available from March 20th, 2021, with RRPs of driver £1,119, fairway wood £729, hybrid £499 and a 6-piece iron set £1,999.