XXIO X And Eleven Ranges Unveiled

XXIO has launched two ranges catering for both the game improver and the better player

XXIO X And Eleven Ranges Unveiled - New for 2020, XXIO has launched two new ranges to cater for both the better player and game improver

XXIO X And Eleven Ranges Unveiled

New for 2020, XXIO has unveiled its lineup heading into the first year of a new decade; the X and XXIO Eleven series of golf clubs.

The X range features new woods and irons designed to give a premium experience to more accomplished golfers. For example, the X irons are forged in a more compact shape for enhanced workability, while the driver features a carbon sole for a more muted sound and feel these golfers prefer.


“X takes the same XXIO philosophy –lightweight and easy to swing – but is designed for better players” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “We’re targeting golfers who have typically played ‘players’ golf equipment, but are starting to see distance declines in their game.”

In addition, XXIO is also introducing the XXIO Eleven series of golf clubs which encompasses woods, irons and putters, all designed to be fast, forgiving and easy to swing golf clubs for golfers with slower swing speeds.

“We’ve been developing lightweight equipment for nearly two decades now,” Chuck Thiry, Vice President of XXIO USA, said. “With our new Weight Plus counterbalancing technology, we are further pushing the limits of high balance point. It’s the combination of lightweight and high balance point that makes XXIO Eleven a game changer for moderate swing speed players."

Both ranges of woods are packed with technology, such as Weight Plus Technology which is a collection of brass and rubber weight in the butt-end of each shaft to improve balance points of the club. This is to help create a smoother and easier swing.

They also both have Cup Face and Cannon Sole technology which are designed to improve forgiveness on off-centre hits and help boost speed and distance respectively.

“We’re different than any other brand in the market and in 2020, we’ll showcase our differences to more players than we ever have before,” said Thiry. “We encourage all players to come out and ‘Experience the Difference’ of XXIO. My guess is that if you give us a try, you’ll see a ball flight that you haven’t seen in a very long time."

X officially launches in the UK and Ireland in February 2020, prices are to be confirmed.

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