Wilson Staff Model Balls Launched

Wilson has unveiled its Staff Model and unpainted Staff Model R balls

Wilson Staff Model Balls Launched

The new Wilson Staff Model balls launched today come in two visually-different versions both aimed at the better player seeking tour-level performance

Wilson Staff Model Balls Launched

Wilson Golf has expanded its ball range by launching a new Tour-inspired Staff Model family.

The Staff Model and the Staff Model R are four-piece premium balls aimed at elite players and golfing purists, the latter featuring a design previously unseen in golf.


The Wilson Staff Model (left) and the unpainted cover of the Staff Model R ball.

The Staff Model ball delivers maximum distance, a high-level of spin and exceptional control and was played recently at the Scottish Open by England’s Craig Lee on the European Tour.

Advanced V-COR performance technology magnifies energy around the core composition of the new ball to generate maximum speed off the clubface for greater distance.

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The four layers on the ball work together to produce unmatched shot-shaping off the tee, Tour-level workability off the fairways, predictable stability on approach shots and a high level of control around the green.

The Urethane cover features a seamless 362-dimple pattern that smooths airflow around the ball for a lower flight trajectory.


The Staff Model R model features the same performance characteristics as the Staff Model ball, but is distinguished by its raw, unpainted cover to ensure aerodynamic consistency and pure, precise ball flight to the intended target.

“The automated painting process can sometimes deliver balls with uneven coverage and the pooling of paint in the shallow dimples,” said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation.

“This can significantly affect the trajectory and the directional stability of the ball flight. By doing away with the paint finish, we were able to eliminate all the short comings attributed to the paint process and deliver a unique product for the golf purist.

“Given that a glossy paint finish on golf balls is primarily applied for visual appearance, UV stability and stain resistance, the Staff Model R will eventually discolour during play – depending on the turf, weather and course conditions – but the extraordinary performance levels remain the same,” he added.

The Wilson Staff Model and Staff Model R balls are available now with an RRP of £44.99 per dozen.