Joost Luiten has created his own golf shoe in collaboration with Duca Del Cosma to meet his rigorous European Tour event demands.

Tour Pro Joost Luiten Creates His Own Golf Shoe

Leading Dutch golfer Joost Luiten has co-designed his own golf shoe with Italian golf fashion brand Duca del Cosma to help meet the rigorous demands of a European Tour season that saw him walk more than 317 miles in tournament play last year.

The announcement comes after Duca del Cosma released its full 2021 footwear line up earlier this month.

After signing with Duca del Cosma in January, the six-time Tour winner had the opportunity to work with Head Designer Baldovino Mattiazzo and come up with his own footwear.

The exclusive new shoes in the Joost Luiten Collection from Duca del Cosma combine the waterproof upper of the popular Belair model with the sole of the new Elpaso shoe.

Joost Luiten pictured in the new JL2 shoes

The new style comes in two colour options – the White and Camouflage Green JL1 and the Black and White JL2.

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Luiten has also played a part in modifying the brand’s sporty Flyer shoe and the new White and Orange colourway that make up the JL3 will likely feature in practice rounds on courses with firmer ground conditions.

Speaking about his newly designed golf shoes Luiten said, “I was really surprised to when Duca told me I walked more than half a million yards in tournaments last season, and that didn’t include practive rounds or Pro-am events.”

“It just shows how important it is for me to have a comfortable as well as functional shoe when I cover so much ground in different playing conditions across the Tour. These new shoes in the Joost Luiten collection are among the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn and I’m very proud to be wearing attractive and comfortable Duca del Cosma shoes.”

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The JL1 and JL2 models come in soft Italian nappa leather, with an integrated waterproof sock system made with recycled microfibre.

They both come with a removable, moisture absorbent and breathable Arneflex insert sole which is antibacterial and made with memory foam.

The JL3 is made from soft, fully recyclable and water resistant microfibre and uses Duca del Cosma’s Airplay IX outsole for optimal grip.

All three shoes in the new Joost Luiten Collection are available now with a RRP of £179.95.