Titleist has revealed the new premium CNCPT CP-01 and CP-02 Irons said to offer the ultimate in performance


Titleist CNCPT Irons Introduced

Titleist has unveiled two unprecedented iron designs, engineered to be the best the brand has ever produced.

The CNCPT CP-01 and CP-02 irons build on the C-16 iron, a model that embodied the concept of pushing the limits of iron performance, design and manufacturing with no cost limits and using the best and most expensive materials.

They feature the thinnest unsupported, constant-thickness face in golf, made possible only through the use of a rare, super strong alloy never before used in club manufacturing.

This Super Metal L-Face Insert, measured and re-measured to ensure perfect uniformity, produces ball speeds never previously seen off the face of an iron.

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The speed of CP-01 and CP-02 is fortified by large amounts of high-density tungsten – an average of 100g per head making up nearly 50 percent of the total head weight in the lower lofts – to produce higher launch, greater distance and the most generous impact possible.


The Titleist CNCPT CP-01 is the larger, more forgiving of the two models

The new CNCPT irons have been visually articulated with equal imagination to produce the world’s most satisfying ball-striking experience.

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“CNCPT is an idea, a promise. It’s our answer to ‘What if?’ What if our R&D engineers could bring their dreams to reality, using materials and processes never before used in golf? We promise to provide them all the resources they need, so that CNCPT will always deliver the ‘wow’,” Kelley Moser Jr, Brand Manager, Titleist CONCPT Clubs, told GM.


The Titleist CNCPT CP-02 iron is more compact

The CP-01 is the larger, more forgiving of the two irons and offers higher launch. The CP-02 still offers great ball speed, but in a players’, blade-like chassis.

Golfers will be able to schedule a fitting for the new CNCPT irons from early May. They will have an RRP of £3500 for a seven-piece set.

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