TaylorMade Introduces TP Hydro Blast Putter Collection

Check out the latest collection of TaylorMade putters

TP Hydro Blast Putter
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The new collection of putters combines classic designs with a new Hydro Blast finish to deliver premium performance and aesthetics.

TaylorMade Introduces TP Hydro Blast Putter Collection

TaylorMade has today introduced its premium collection of TP Hydro Blast putters to the market, a collection that combines classic head shapes with a new Hydro Blast finish.

Hoping to become some of the best TaylorMade putters, the collection features seven traditionally shaped putters all of which feature the premium new Hydro Blast finish that provides a rich, premium and cohesive look to the collection of putters.

It also creates a durable surface and is achieved by applying a high-pressure stream of water to 303 stainless steel.

Each model is equipped with the same White Pure Roll insert that features on the popular Spider X putter.

TP Hydro Blast Soto Putter

The TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Soto Putter

The insert features grooves at a downward 45° angle, designed to optimise roll characteristics by producing enhanced topspin to help the ball start rolling end over end sooner.

The Soto is a classically shaped blade that features flowing, rounded edges. Equipped with an L-Neck hosel, the traditional blade shape produces 40° of toe hang which results in a putter best suited to players to create maximum face rotation through the putting stroke.

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The Del Monte has a shorter blade length and a wider area from front to back, creating a more squatted profile that translates into a mallet-like feel while maintaining the overall characteristics of a blade.

TP Hydro Blast Del Monte Putter

The Del Monte head shape is a stockier blade model compared to the Soto.

It comes in an L-Neck hosel with 29° of toe hang and a Single Bend hosel with 8° of toe hang, which is better for the player who has a straight back and straight through putting motion.

The Bandon head has a Tour-inspired double wing design that helps frame the ball at address and encourages forgiveness via the optimised perimeter weighting.

The L-neck Bandon 1 - which was the first to appear on Tour in the bag of Tommy Fleetwood - features 22° of toe hang which gives blade-like performance within a mallet design.

tP Hydro Blast Brandon 1 Putter

The TP Hydro Blast Bandon putter is available in two hosels. Tommy Fleetwood was the first to debut this putter on Tour.

There is also the Bandon 3 with a Short Slant hosel for 32° of toe hang.

The DuPage model is modern take on a traditional mallet design with unique visual alignment cues and dual slot cavity to help frame the ball at address. It features a single bend hosel that provides a face balance ideal for the golfer with a straight back straight through stroke.

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TP Hydro Blast DuPage Putter

The DuPage putter is a unique mallet design.

Finally, the Chaska model revisits the original TaylorMade Corza Ghost design with the familiar circular alignment aid in the back of the putter and three sight-lines on top.

With rounded contours, adjustable sole weights and three forward sightline, the design provides exceptional stability and simple alignment features.

TP Hydro Blast Chaska Putter

The TP Hydro Blast Chaska is reminiscent of the Corza Ghost putter

TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast putters are available now with an RRP of £199.

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