Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Unveiled

Everything you need to know about the Stewart Golf Q Follow electric trolley

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Unveiled

The Stewart Golf Q Follow electric trolley unveiled today boasts an array of exciting new design features to enhance the on-course experience

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Unveiled

Stewart Golf has made some of the very best electric trolleys for many years now, becoming immensely popular around the world because of the unique design and functionality models like the X9 Follow offered. But the new Q Follow, which once again is handbuilt at the company’s Gloucestershire headquarters, takes this to a whole new level.

A completely new frame design allows it to fold down much more compactly while remaining easy to do so and with the battery in place. It will also now store vertically with an integrated carry handle to make it easier to lift into your car.



The majority of the frame is made from a microcellular composite material that has a high density skin that makes it stiffer and stronger than traditional mouldings. The technique also creates a marble effect that is unique to every Q Follow trolley. Carbon finishes on parts like the wheel arches bolster the premium appeal.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Review

There’s also a new retractable stabiliser, which automatically deploys as the trolley is unfolded, equipped with two dual-bearing, free rolling wheels to keep the trolley moving more smoothly up steep slopes and prevent it from tipping over.


A new battery design with plug and play connection (no wires) works with new in-house designed EcoDrive motors that are better tuned to your walking pace, making them 40 per cent more efficient and ensuring 36 holes of battery life can be delivered, even on hilly courses.

The Follow functionality from which the trolley gets its name has also been improved with bigger magnetic zones creating smoother turns as the trolleys follows behind you from a safe distance, connected via the Bluetooth handset.


Golfers can also use the Remote function if they prefer or to take more direct control of the trolley in more risky situations, like going over narrow bridges.

Other design enhancements include a 10cm higher handle height, feature-packed handle console unit and the ability to pair the trolley to a free smartphone app to tell you exactly how much battery life you’ve got left.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow electric trolley is on sale now with an RRP of £1,749.