The premium British trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has released the new Q Remote trolley to complete its 2021 lineup.

Stewart Golf Q Remote Electric Trolley Released

Premium British golf trolley manufacturer has completed its 2021 line up with the launch of its latest model, the Q Remote.

Today’s launch comes after Stewart Golf announced the X10 electric trolley last month.

The Q Remote has been launched with an RRP of £999, despite it using the same architecture and enjoying many of the same design features of the £1,649 Q Follow trolley.

Following in the footsteps of the impressive Q Follow, the new Q Remote becomes one of the world’s most compact-folding, remote-controlled trolleys.

Stewart Golf Q Remote

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Folding small enough to be lifted one-handed and designed to stand vertically or horizontally, the Q Remote boasts practicality on and off the course.

The Q Remote is available with either an 18 or 36 hole plug-and-play lithium battery and comes with a free smartphone app that allows golfers to monitor their usage and capacity in real time.

Stewart Golf Q Remote

Stewart Golf’s proprietary seventh-generation Bluetooth electronics system provides reliable communication with the remote from up to 50m as well as three cruise control speeds.

As standard, the Q Remote features a scorecard holder, bag strap, handset storage, anti-twist locking bag key, four accessory points, cruise control and an umbrella holder mount.

Being a remote trolley, the Q Remote also has features to help with stability on all terrains and gradients that can be found on a golf course.

The rear stabiliser on the Q Remote.

An innovative patent-pending stabiliser – which automatically deploys and retracts when the Q Remote is folded or unfolded – combines with a low centre of gravity to give stability up and down slopes, an essential in a remote control trolley.

Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf, told GM: “The Q Series was four years in development and a remote control version was always part of the plan.”

“Remote control frees you up from being permanently attached to your trolley. This allows you to walk freely and focus on your next shot – better for your back, your game and your whole golfing experience!”

The Q Remote is available with an 18 hole lithium battery (RRP £999) and a 36 hole lithium battery (RRP £1,149).